10 Best Indian Digital Artists

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Do you want to bring your imagination to life? What are you still waiting for? This is the ideal moment to get started and the ideal surroundings to be inspired by! Anything is possible with digital art utilizing a basic pen-tab and the computer software, whether it’s reproducing an image of a renowned figure or inventing other-worldly characters. Follow these amazing Indian Digital Artists on a voyage full of unanticipated shocks and masterpiece outcomes!
 1. Aashit Singh
Aashit Singh is a visionary artist based in Mumbai who specialises in producing visual representations of intangible and other-worldly visions. He believes that realism in psychedelic art is necessary to react to these psychedelic visions. Read the in-depth essay on Constructing Psychedelic Experience!, which includes Aashit’s profound observations.
2. Ankur Patar
Ankur Patar, a national and international award winner, has worked in the advertising industry for over 13 years. He was named one of India’s greatest digital artists in 2012, and he has worked with businesses such as Adidas, Nike, and Adobe for many years. His latest cooperation with Adobe to rebuild lost masterpieces catapulted him back into the spotlight. He was one of only four digital artists from across the world chosen to reproduce artworks using solely Adobe stock photos. Ankur also discussed how digital art may help you go beyond your imagination!
3. Mehek Malhotra
Mehek Malhotra was drawn to work that depicts analogies and thought-provoking issues. She is also interested in conceptualisation, ideation, and realism. Concepts and character development have always been in line with the intention of her artwork.
4.  Archan Nair
Archan, a staunch believer in producing what the heart desires, transitioned from a fashion major and entrepreneur to a self-taught digital and visual artist and illustrator specialising in mixed medium and digital art. He is presently an independent Indian digital artist residing in Germany with an Indian cultural heritage. Archan refers to this piece as Psymbionic — a digital illustration of the human and the finer aspects of being human.
  5. Mukesh Singh
The epic of epics, the Mahabharata, maybe recounted and replayed time and again while remaining fresh and youthful to the receptor. Dissatisfied with previous visual representations of the Mahabharata, Mukesh Singh embarked on a journey to explore the characters of this epic through his style of digital art, intending to want today’s audience to not only identify and accept the characters’ inner selves but also their outer selves, which are external manifestations of their inner selves.

 6. Priyanka Paul
Priyanka Paul, an  Indian digital artist compares making a character to putting together jigsaw pieces. She pours her heart, mind, and soul into creating out-of-the-box characters and giving them a twist that surprises the audience! Her interests center around gender equality, body positivity, politics, social issues and everything in between.
7. Nithin Rao Kumblekar
Nithin began his work as an art director in an advertising firm in 2005, and after gaining some experience, he opted to freelance as an illustrator in 2010, with an emphasis on commercial graphics. Since then, there has been no going back, and he has clients such as IBM, Lenovo, Brittania, Idea cellular, and others.
 8. Pavan Rajurkar
Pavan Rajurkar, a young Mumbai-based freelance artist, feels that traditional and digital art complement and complete each other. Despite living in the digital age, he believes that the mind is closely tied to the hand and that a hand-drawn doodle is the most powerful method to brainstorm, leading to an idea.
Pavan has worked with several reputable advertising firms and was named one of Lürzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Illustrators in the World in 2016.
 9. Pratima Unde
Accepting the challenge of creating a one-of-a-kind beauty, Pratima Unde leaves no stone unturned in her exploration of her illustration topic. She specialises in conveying human emotions, which she emphasises in her digital pictures using a technique called Giggling.
 10. Rahul Arora
Rahul Arora is a freelance digital artist located in Mumbai. Because he believes that versatility is essential in the life of an artist, his range of working typologies in the area of design is rather broad, ranging from illustrating for advertising to character design, storyboarding, environment design, and comic book illustrations.
Making art is a talent that is not easy. Some people are gifted with this talent, and the above list is some gifted people. Hope you liked the above article.
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