10 Movies One Should Watch Before Turning 30

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Hundreds of heads, months, and locations come together to the making of one movie. Among those movies, some get eggs thrown at them, some hit the mediocre level, while a few throw the world out of senses and get cherished forever! These moving pictures have the potential to change lives and perspectives and to generate peace of mind, along with enriching the film industry, once and for all. However, it may be difficult to find all those movies altogether, with one click! Thus, here in this article, it has been attempted to compile the 10 must-watch movies of all time, with proper observation of widespread liking, the performances in the box office, and their availability in OTT platforms. Mentioned below are 10 movies every person should watch before hitting 30s-

The pursuit of happiness (2006)
A life-changing movie, which is available on Netflix. The story follows a man, who toils hard to find ‘happiness’, or what ‘happiness means, all throughout the film, until he finally does. Rated 8 by IMDB, this is one of the best inspirational movies, which will make you believe that hard work and patience always result in good fruit. It can be considered as the best inspirational movie for students and is a must-watch before turning 30.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, the film will renew your belief about love and soulmates, and allow you to have a new beginning if you are craving for one. It is available to watch on Netflix.
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)
Believe it or not, this film will compel you to crave a trip with your best friends, at least once in your life. With impeccable acting from amazing actors, following the trench of adventures of travel, love, and friendship, it has got an 8.2 rating on IMDB and is available to watch on Netflix.
Pink (2016)
A great contribution to the feminist movement, which attempts to clear the concept of consent in the minds of young people. Billions of cases of rapes and sexual harassment have always called for a film like this. Shoojit Sircar has really done justice to the concept and the actors. It is available on Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime.
13 going on 30 (2004)
This is a movie you can watch when you turn 30 or even before! The movie revolves around a girl of 13 who wishes to be 30. But what happens when her wish gets granted overnight? The movie has a realistic depiction of life in our 30’s and has the romance one desires. 
Ajeeb Daastaans (2021)
Just as the name suggests, the movie brings out the ‘daastans’ in various socio-economical settings, where 4 parts are combined into 1 film. The movie has appropriate depictions of the LGBTQ community, the romance between people of different socio-economic conditions, positions of authority, and disability. All of these are intertwined beautifully to one movie. It is among the best movies on Netflix 2021.
The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
A masterpiece, with one of the highest ratings on IMDB(9.2), is a must-watch movie of all time. The movie circles around a banker’s life in jail, what happens in jail, and inspires one to not lose hope! The film showcases flawless acting, an unmatchable storyline, and a great message to people of all generations. It is available to watch on Netflix.
Clueless (1995)
A sweet, romantic, and funny coming-of-age movie, which has been the favorite of many girls over the years. It circulates around the problems, thoughts, and behavior of a young woman, to whom many can relate.
Before’ Trilogy (1995-2013)
The most beautiful and feel-good romantic trilogy of all time. The beauty of finding love in uncertain places at uncertain times, how one can love a person, not have him/her, and still be happy is portrayed beautifully with life-like acting and beautiful direction. The movie covers the dimensions of place, time, and age, and makes you want for more.
Rang De Basanti (2006)
The movie surpasses all the known notions of patriotism and nationalism, shakes the beliefs, and highlights how the youth view patriotism and India in present times. The movie will keep an adult thinking about the country’s present condition for hours.
 Enrich your favorite movie list, by watching these gems!