2020 Marketing Rewind: How brands coped up with changing trends

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Thanks, or No Thanks to the Pandemic for being the sole reason to send businesses online. However, to add much to their dismay, the success wasn’t quite a follower of the businesses happening online. 

The competitors have made it even more difficult for other companies to build their presence in the online marketing world. Well, let’s disclose a secret; sometimes it is best to follow what your competitors. 

Time to find out some of the changing/latest trends that helped brands to cope up.

Why should Brands keep up with the Changing Trends?

In the present time, undoubtedly our business standards are in the best shape. However, it is important to keep up with the latest and changing trends for customers to see how flexible your business is. 

It isn’t feasible to stick to the old saying ‘our methods are the best because of this illustration no room for change. Trying new trends to keep up with the age is the best practice.


How Brands Coped Up with Industry Trends

Trends are not something you enjoy over your morning tea. Current trends take a toll all over the world and especially on social media. Some of the significant matters are as follows: –


1. Subscribe to the Best Business Blogs/Magazines/Journals

Blogs are nothing but forums that will help businesses in identifying the best and the worst trends. Further, they will also look to enhance your business by taking it one step further and by introducing the brands to change their system dynamically.


2. Staying Alert

Google Alerts and Google Trends, will help you keep in the loop as well as in schedule. Just like every brand has its competitors, trends to sprout up, in the same manner, to think the idea they put across is going to be the ‘next big thing’.

Make sure to set your alerts for once or thrice a week, this helps in ensuring what is happening around you. Ideally, you can also choose your pick and select the best trends for your brand.

3. Engaging Customers

Drum up feedback in the best possible ways. The best way to do so is through forms or by submitting surveys. Additionally, replying to customer’s posts also does the deed. Social channels are always a good medium for communication. Therefore, underestimating customer insight and its power would be a big no-no.


4. Networking will Help

Some of the best ways of networking include conferences, events, social media, groups, and training. This will help in getting you in the front face with your colleagues and friends. Whether it is an inauguration at your favourite salon or big trade, the face time that networking will bring to your business will always count as helpful.


5. Classic Interactive Tools – Podcasts and Videos

Social media will boast the new trends over social media and it isn’t worth the wait. Podcasts and Videos are the best ways to understand your industry and gain knowledge. Speaking of trends, not all of them are the best. Some trends last more than others and hence, identifying the latest trends through podcasts does the job.

Reviews from videos and podcasts will help you in understanding the trends better. 


There are tons of other ways for brands to keep up with the latest emerging trends. It is significant to spot the right trend and observe what is best for your business. Moreover, inbound marketing is another great strategy to put your business in the right place. This will also help the customers to identify the right target.


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