5 Calligraphy Artists On Instagram You Need to Check Out

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Calligraphy is an art in itself. To write creatively and distinctively in various styles and designs takes a lot of effort. It is a lot more difficult than it looks like because it demands a lot of time and focus.
In this article, we will tell you about five calligraphers and groups who are splendid in the art and will blow your mind with their skills. You can even buy their work on the websites they host or ask for services for occasions like marriages and invitation cards.
So off we go.
1. Sehaj Kandhari: theinkybird
Sehaj is a Chandigarh-based calligrapher. She has more than 20K followers on Instagram. Her art and calligraphy are going to ease your soul because of how satisfying they look. She makes calligraphy products and holds various workshops. She is currently studying at College of Arts, Chandigarh. Her calligraphy products, be it a letter or a gift wrap or even a greeting card, are done with such perfection you will keep staring at them for a long time.
2. Inpreet Kaur: letteringbuff
Inpreet is a calligrapher who sells calligraphy services and engravings. She also sells wedding stationery and calligraphy kit on her website lettringbuff.com. Starting in 2018, she has been a popular name in the calligraphy field. Her Instagram profile will give you an idea about her enormous talent. She has more than 71K followers there.  I bet you will be inspired seeing her letters and just how well done they are.
3. Yakshi Chouhan: nibsandtools
Yakshi is a calligrapher in Chennai. She does calligraphy and design studio. She knows it all, from engraving glasses to writing letters rich in texture and design. You can even find handwritten wedding invites on her Instagram profile. Her passion for making a career out of calligraphy can be truly inspiring, as while others are in a dilemma, she is busy building her career. She has more than 52K followers on Instagram.
4. Sanjana Chatlan
This talented young lady is not only a calligrapher and lettering artist; she is also an entrepreneur. Her Instagram handle, named bombaylettering, has more than 53K followers. Recently she addressed her first TEDx talk at St.Xaviers, Mumbai, on 20th February 2022. This achievement itself speaks a lot about her talent. You can buy calligraphy supplies, gifts, and other products from her boutique calligraphy studio, The Bombay Lettering Company. She has worked with numerous companies and celebrities, and her work and achievements can truly bring a sense of motivation to all.

5. Saachi Dhawan
Sachi Dhawan is a Delhi-based calligrapher and designer who is on a quest to redefine the art of writing. Her color choice and designs are indeed a sight to behold. She has appeared on The Tuesday Wine Club podcast on Spotify, where she talks about her journey and what it takes to do what you love. She has more than 6K followers on Instagram. She is the founder of The Pen Stroke, a calligraphy studio in New Delhi. The love she pours into her work is undoubtedly going to win your heart over and over again.
Check her out here:

These fabulous artists and designers are reaching new heights and creating a benchmark in the art of calligraphy. For all of them, calligraphy is not just an art but also an emotion. Doing what you love and being yourself takes a lot from you, but if you are determined and keep moving forward with patience and practice, you are sure to achieve more than you desire. There are many out there who, like these wonderful designers, are working towards their passion and finding success in their love for art. Make sure to check out more such inspiring artists on Instagram and other platforms. You will find a different perspective of looking at the world.
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