5 Trending Makeup Challenges That Blew Up The Internet

Published by Swagatalakshmi on

Behind every face of perfect makeup, hide several hours of hard work, dedication and correct selection of product combinations.But where does that hard work go? Whenever we wear makeup to a party or elsewhere, we get complimented on our dress, our hairstyle, ornaments, but never on our makeup! Thus, in order to showcase the art form and talent, internet gave birth to makeup challenges. Platforms like Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook are filled with makeup videos and challenges  and we spend hours scrolling down these videos. Without further ado, let’s check out the makeup challenges that shook social media for months!
Anaysa makeup challenge
Anaysa, a young Youtuber has her youtube channel flooded with funny and interesting makeup challenges, which include no mirror makeup challenges, Indian vs foreigner makeup challenges, makeup using weird tools challenge, and many more. The most unique factor about her channel is that the ideas are unique and she tries to keep things interesting by trying out unheard concepts!  After she releases a challenge video, other Youtubers take inspiration and create their own versions of the challenges. Her videos are inclusive of natural makeup looks 2021, makeup trends 2021 India, and makeup challenges games.
Insane makeup emoji challenge.
The most fascinating makeup trend of 2021. Influencers, specially tiktokers take inspiration from emojis and apply their makeup likewise. Each makeup look created is nothing short of a masterpiece. All one has to do is grab their makeup kit and try to resemble the chosen emojis as close as possible. It takes utmost precision and skill to get one right!
2016 vs 2021 makeup TikTok challenge.
Have you ever noticed how daily makeups are becoming more and more subtle and precise with the years? That’s what the 2016 vs 2021 makeup Tik Tok challenge is all about! Here the artists divide their faces into two equal sections. On one side they apply makeup as they would have done in 2016, and on the other side, they show how makeup is done now. The main purpose of the challenge is to show the clear difference in the quantity of products, the area of application,  and the overall look. 
One dip makeup challenge.
A challenge that is the ostt popular one among YouTubers, where they use just one dip of every makeup product and try to create as good a make-up look one can with that small quantity. The challenge is based on minimalism and is usually done by artists who are usually seen using a whole lot of products for their usual looks. This game challenges their ability and gives them a chance to prove that they can create beautiful looks without using much product.
Transformation challenges.
The transformation challenges come every month in new forms, with their own themes, and manage to blow away our senses, time and time again. Along with them, came a variety of makeup challenge songs like Katy Pary’s ‘I’m so pretty and he like that’ or ‘buss it’. The basis of these challenges is that first, the artist shows themselves without makeup and at the high point of the song, they display their transformation, after applying makeup. 
The other notable makeup challenges include eye makeup challenges (like left-hand eyeliner, applying eyeliner with closed eyes, etc), lip makeup challenges, spring/summer 2021 makeup trends, etc. The makeup trends owe their popularity and makeup challenge ideas to the popular makeup trends magazines like Vogue. There have been many controversies regarding the usage of make-up in recent times, saying how makeup hides what we know as ‘natural beauty’. But the makeup challenges rightly present makeup as an art form, and makeup lovers know that a slightly trembling hand, a misplaced contour, erroneous use of brushes, can change your intended look from a hit to a miss!
Encourage the growth of the art form by supporting the makeup challenges, and keep upgrading your skills!