7 Book Recommendations About Marketing

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In order to run a successful firm of marketing, one needs to have the correct guidance for the design of the workplace and team, have her/his mind in place, and set out right to achieve the aim. The best definition of marketing is, “activity, set of institutions and process for creating, communicating and delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” The various types of marketing can be social media marketing, traditional marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and many more. Though lots of studies, speculations, and considerations are made beforehand while starting up, there can be times when the pre-made assumptions fall short of reality. And that’s when books come to the rescue. Does it mean that reading a book will automatically solve the problems you are facing? Of course not! But it will inspire you, and motivate you towards the right direction, and strengthen you enough to make decisions for yourself. Here are the 7 best marketing books of all time.
One million followers (Brendan Kane)

One of the best social media marketing books you can get on the market. It is also the best marketing book for beginners as it has clear directions on how to start, hypothesize and test. Brendan Kane himself is a successful business and digital growth strategist who has worked with brands like MTV, IKEA, Vice, and many more and has skillfully advised them to gain a vast digital audience. The book has received multiple positive comments from the reviewers and is a must-buy if you are planning to start up or even if you are currently working in marketing firm.
Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming The Unseen Forces That Stand In The Way Of True Inspiration. (Amy Wallace and Edwin Catmull)
An inspirational book, that will revive your spirits and mind about the marketing world. It consists of the author’s journey from the beginning, from the time he was awestruck by Walt Disney and his journey thereafter. Michael Batko said, “Ed describes in lots of practical examples of how he thinks about people and processes in corporate cultures to retain and foster creativity”. It is one of the best marketing books for entrepreneurs.
Digital Marketing For Dummies (Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry)
As the name suggests, the book covers the spectrum of digital marketing and its types and advises on how to succeed at digital marketing. It goes to the extent of giving brief explanations of goals, offers, and analytics. Though not in detail, the book more or less covers the important aspects that a beginner needs. It has described ways to understand customers, how to choose the right marketing campaign, and much more. 
Marketing Management: Global perspective, Indian Context (Ramaswamy)
Among the best marketing books according to 2021 Reddit, and the top management books by Indian authors, this book is India-centric. The factor that separates it from the rest is that this is not just an adaptation with few examples from India, Rather, the book is designed for Indian people, so that they can learn marketing, by relating it to the Indian context.

Content Design(Sarah Richards) 
A very practical book by Sarah Richards, which is set in the real world, it attempts to explain the meaning of content design, and how to use those techniques in one’s own firm. The books give their readers how to think about content from a technical perspective.

Building a Story Brand. (Donald Miller)
The best marketing book for online business. The book does what the title promises, that is, to guide the readers on how to connect with customers and make business improvements. No matter if you own a billion-dollar company or a small firm, this book tells you the way, you can draw your customer towards you. It informs the readers on how to describe their products according to the customer’s advantages, compelling them to buy a product.
B2B Marketing (Michael D.Hutt, Dheeraj Sharma and Thomas W. Speh)
A book that provides a business marketing perspective, knowledge about customer’s buying behavior and tips for innovation, it offers everything needed for a successful B2B marketing. 
Choose your book in accordance with your need, and put up your A-game in the marketing world.