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Wednesday, 18 May 2022 18:30 pm
The Societal - Your Only Community

The Societal - Your Only Community

They say that there is no love greater than a “mother’s love”. However, food lovers will tell you that there is no greater love than the “love for food”. Even if you don’t love food so much, our gastronomically-inclined food bloggers are here to take you through a salivating experience with eye-candy pictures of extravagant food & transform you into a passionate food lover with their culinary skills as Food blogging is the hot talk of the town, and Instagram the prime medium of it. 
So, here, we have combined the top food bloggers of Instagram that every Dilliwala must follow.

Although the list is in no particular order.


Mehak Dhawan was born & brought up in Delhi & her journey started as a food blogger in 2016 while she was completing her graduation from Delhi University. During her college days she had no idea if she could even become a blogger. However, her food photography skills were appreciated & shared by many digital pages & magazines, after which she started her own Instagram blog by the name (@foodiesince96).  
According to Mehak, “Consistency & being interactive with followers are two major aspects behind the growth of any Social Media Influencer.” From getting 100 likes on an average to having a family of around 250k Instagram followers, her journey has been a thrilling yet challenging roller coaster ride. 
She gained a lot of confidence after starting her blog & when she looks back at herself a few years back, she was a nervous girl who found it is difficult to express her easily. After becoming a successful food blogger she has become flamboyant. The blog helped her overcome her body & weight-related issues & helped her to get physically transformed. She feels blessed when people look up to her as their source of inspiration & she promises to continuously inspire them with her content.


Sumit & Priyanka Kapoor started (@dillifoodies) in February 2016 & after a 4 year long journey they have gained more than 235k followers on Instagram. Initially, they started sharing local food from different cities in India & in 2018 they started making Recipe Videos, which got lots of social media engagement & appreciation, since then they are mixing their content with food recipe videos & photos while exploring different cities of our country. 
Sumit was in an IT job with Nokia & used to travel a lot along with exploring new eateries & dishes & trying local food wherever he went. Sumit left his job in 2019 & started a start-up named ‘The White Canvas Studio’ a digital marketing & branding studio & Priyanka is working with Accenture in the IT sector.


Sukrit Jain dreamt about his own food blog, just after he was through with his schooling, though he was remotely connected with the field, he didn’t give much thought to when and how and just started with the blog in January 2016, and in just four days he crossed the 1000 follower mark and in one month he had 5000 followers. 
During his first few days, whole of his family supported him in his initiative. Later he was also joined by his brother Kashish Jain, two brothers on the trail of finding some lip-smacking dishes. (@thegreatindianfoodie) is able to gain more than 220k followers on Instagram & their journey has been beautiful.
They mainly aim at promoting food from different restaurants in India (Mainly Delhi NCR). They have been featured by multiple websites & digital pages & called as a guest speaker in Amity University & Manav Rachna University.


A former data analyst by profession & a die-hard food fan! Born and brought up in Delhi, the city of yummy food, she has been a big foodie and has been exploring new food at fine dining, food joints, street food in Delhi, and few places outside Delhi. Exploring food from street vendors to 5 stars & cooking some on her own, she has done it all. Through her blog (@myfoodproject) she wishes to share her dining & cooking experiences & suggestions for people about what to eat, where to eat, why to eat & what not to eat. 
She doesn’t call herself any food critic, just a food enthusiast who is enduring a life-long love affair with food. Believes that no matter where you dwell, there are dishes to discover, exciting and unfamiliar foods to try. Whenever she can, she loves to travel & probably she’s the only food reviewer of current times that give negative reviews as well. Shagun doesn’t have any favourites regarding cuisine but prefers Continental, Italian, and Chinese over the rest.


Rishabh Gemini, the face behind the handle (@the_foodie_bae) loves to weave tales around his gastronomic experiences and aspire to bring the best and the hidden gems of this culinary world to the common man. His dream is to travel the length and breadth of India and enjoy the food on his journey, guilt-free with lots of passion and obsession.
One of the best food influencers in Delhi, Rishabh is a travel enthusiast along with being just a food lover. He impressively tells so many food stories from merely posting on his Instagram account. If you take a glance at his Instagram page, you will witness the heavenly foods that surely make your mouth water. All the delicacies he posts are worth having a look & can help you plan your next food outing. So, make it a must to follow him so that you do not miss out on any delicious treats he tastes & brings out for you.


Aman Sureka, an avid food lover started his page (@spoonsofdilli) on Instagram when he was only 20 years old. His love for food & his incessant efforts led the page to a family of more than 140k followers in only 2 years. The handle was started to show his love for food but soon it turned out into a revolution with all the appreciation showered, a revolution to showcase best of food throughout NCR.
With more than 1200 videos & photos, you will find an infinite variety of street food to fancy plated food intended to give explicit reviews to his viewers on all known & hidden gems in Delhi & to other places he travels.
You will also find various easy & quick recipe videos on his page produced by him & his team. His unique style of capturing food from mouth watering angles has made his page synonymous to food videos reaching the Million viewers mark so if you are a foodie or even if you are not you must follow his page.


Sumit Kathuria is an Engineer by day & a Social Media Influencer by night. He hails from Faridabad, Haryana & loves to try out different dishes wherever he goes. Food blogging for him is something that always ignited a sense of happiness in him & motivated him to share the knowledge of food amongst others. His Mother recollects that Paneer Bhurji with Tawa Roti always put a smile on his face.
Out of passion for food, in September 2017, he started his food blog (@the_foodie_dad) on Instagram as well as on Facebook. He has a whopping 127K followers on Instagram & still counting. Even though there are a lot of food options in Faridabad, Sumit usually travels to Delhi & Gurugram on the lookout for delicious food. He has a lot of knowledge about different cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese, Italian to even Pan-Asian, you name it.
Sumit loves to experiment with different cuisines. However, his favourite cuisine is Pan -Asian & Indian. As per him, Yum Yum Cha serves one of the best Sushi.


Deepanshu Kaushik is the founder of the page (@thetastebird). He is a Commerce Graduate & currently pursuing his MBA in Marketing while grabbing all the opportunities to satiate his hunger pangs & discover all the unknown gems from the Cities wherever he travels. He loves exploring places with a vision of a true Foodie. He believes consumer behaviour basically works on the Demand-Supply Phenomenon. If an Influencer is providing good quality content with relevant information through its posts then it will surely have a huge impact on the behaviour of the audience that follows. If an Influencer can provide what public demands on the internet then he/she might have a Mass following. If you want amazing food pictures on your Instagram feed then you have to check out his page. He has around 109k followers with more than 1600 posts and each Instagram post will make your mouth tingle. You will see all kinds of foods in the account from chaats to biryani and some of them even have Deepanshu himself hogging on the food. Trust me, this is one Instagram account that every food lover should definitely follow for latest food updates.


Reetika Anand, or how the world knows her, (@tempting_tales) is a dilse Dilli Wali Ladki. A Delhi based food blogger who is enjoying her love affair with food is the face behind this handle. She has a bright profile to increase your thirst for good food & travelling. The best part is her sense of humour that will make you laugh while going through some delicious dishes & on varied locations. From Pahado Wali Maggi in McleodganjDharamshala to the best egg rolls on the beaches of Goa, she has experienced it all. Through her blog, she wishes to share her dining, cooking and product experiences with everyone. She hogs on a roadside vendor’s chaat to a five-star’s buffet to suggest nothing but the best for her followers.


She started her page (@whaaatislife) on Instagram back in 2017 very casually. She didn’t have any planning & she didn’t know for how long she would be doing this. But time flies & now this has become a major part of her life & she cannot imagine her life without it. Food gives her immense joy. She feels great as food can lift any person’s mood easily; hence the name ‘whaaatislife’ depicts & ask the viewers that what is life without food? On her feed, you’ll find everything ranging from street, restaurant, cafe, homemade food & even some delicious recipe videos for you to try out. She portrays all her favourite things on her page & feels there’s something for everyone out there!

WARNING: Follow them on your own risk because once you follow them your news feed will be full of drool-worthy dishes which you won’t be able to resist.