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The Societal - Your Only Community
Wednesday, 18 May 2022 18:30 pm
The Societal - Your Only Community

The Societal - Your Only Community

Fashion comes in every aspect of life: clothing, hair, behaviour, creation, style or decoration. Everyone does it differently. Each of these bloggers below explains their style with the best presentation skills; and also gives tips for fashion lovers about staying trendy and stylish 24×7. Each Fashion Blogger has given their life and soul for their audience and are here to be the CHANGE!
So, here we present you some of the Best Fashion Bloggers In Delhi that you need to Follow, TODAY!

Asmita Arora

Asmita is a fashion & a fitness blogger, who took a spontaneous decision three years ago to start her blog (which turned out pretty great!). Initially, she posted about her fitness routine, healthy recipes, outfits and other fashion related things.  Things went well and she came up with her blog- One thing that we love about her is that she never leaves a chance to reply and answer her follower’s questions, DMs, and comments! Her message to all the budding bloggers and influencers out there is ‘ To be yourself’. She says, “We are all unique and we all have something to offer the world and it makes me so sad to hear so often that people don’t feel skinny enough, strong enough, Instagram worthy enough… you are YOU and that is enough because no one else can offer that!”. She lives by the saying “comparison is the thief of joy”. “Embark on the journey to be healthier, fitter and stronger for YOU and do it YOUR way. Be inspired by bloggers and friends and social media and celebrities along the way, but focus on the destination, enjoy the journey and rock it in your own style!” You go, girl! 

Saanya Khatter

Saanya Khatter is an incredibly amazing and pretty  instagram star who started her blog in 2015. She’s a fashion icon known for her chique outfits and fashion trends. She hit a milestone (in real and her blogger life!) and was famously known  when she met her all time favourite actor- Akshay Kumar. Travelling is her forte and we’ve been to so many amazing places through her feed! She has never failed to swoon us by her beautiful photoshoot and crazy videos! 
All we know is- Fashion is her icon, and she cannot live without it! 

Mehak Sethi

Mehak started her fashion blog 5 years back and has never failed to define ‘Fashion’ for all of us! She’s a beautiful blogger who believes that fashion is to be yourself & how you carry yourself. Her feed shows us how ‘affordable’ fashion is also pretty & nice. Mehak has won our hearts for everything she does, whether its her makeup tutorials or different fashion looks, she has aced them all! she has also been awarded as the Best Fashion Influencer 2018! We’re sure she’s never backing down! All the best Mehak!

Ruchi Gopal

Ruchi Gopal is a well-know anchor/emcee and a Fashion Designer from New Delhi. She started her own clothing label “Praksh Ratna by Ruchi Gopal” 4 years ago and has been a fashion icon for everyone since then! She has hosted 1000+ live shows all over nation! She had also started her YouTube channel where she hasn’t missed a chance to teach us all the hacks and tips, whether its hair, makeup, skin care,  personality or fashion! All we can say is -She’s ready with her fashion and styling hacks to rule the world.

Prachi Kapoor

Prachi Kapoor is a fashion influencer who believes in bringing out fashion for her audience with minimal investment so that everyone can enjoy it irrespective of their budget. She is currently pursuing Masters in Political Science & is also a diploma holder in Fashion Styling. As a zealous fashion influencer, her aim is  to reach and interact with large number of people, creating fashion related content and adopting different techniques to market beauty and styling products. Prachi says, “I appreciate both love and hate I receive from my audience equally and I’m quite open to suggestions that helps me improving my work. I believe that criticism helps a person to grow and become a better human being everyday. If I’m able to inspire even a few people in my life in a positive manner, I will consider it as a huge achievement.” You inspire us all, Prachi!

Shagun Mehta

Shagun Mehta was a social media manager before she became a fashion and lifestyle blogger and  started her blog being inspired by other fashion bloggers. Shagun always had a doubt if she could become a successful blogger or not but she definitely aced it. She’s a lifestyle blogger who’s blogs you cannot miss, whether its, hair detox or oriflame with Rohit bal, you’ve gotta read it all! We can definitely say she’s living by her motto- ‘Live a life you will remember’

Saloni singh

People know her as a lifestyle influencer but not many know her  story of being ‘Picked On To Being A Source Of Inspiration For So Many Girls Out There’. From being mocked upon by people once to being looked upon by people, she  takes pride in calling herself a self-motivated person along with taking pride in her transformation journey. You can call her an MBA(International Business) student who is living her passion through the way of being a fashion influencer, helping you utilise your closet to the maximum, showcasing her  personal style to you, giving you inspiration and outfit ideas Having worked with a lot number of famous brand & being  invited to inauguration of fashion academy’s, all she wants to say is ‘It is never easy , it has never been easy and all I know is that , it’s a long way before anyone can become a sensation so all you have to do is just keep going and growing in whatever field you are’. You’ll always shine Saloni!

Naaz Arora

Naaz is a certified MUA who has done Masters in English and runs a fashion, travel & lifestyle blog since 2017 . She is based out of Chandigarh but travels for her blog work & she  is now establishing a base in DELHI BLOGOSPHERE as well! She has worked for renowned brands like Audi , Steve Madden ,Panasonic , Project Eve , Myntra , Rado , etc . She is an avid traveller who has taken many international trips and has reviewed great properties on her blog . She has been featured by National newspapers and has also judged various shows as she is youth favourite in Tricity! She was also awarded as the Blogging Star of the Year 2017 by Thapar University! You truly are a Star, Naaz!

Bhavna singh

Bhavna Singh, a name that  is synonymous to fitness and style. Hailing from Chandigarh, Punjab she always had a spark towards fashion and its world. Being a Fashion influencer is a very real job for many people around the world who’ve been turning social media from a hobby into a career. Through her accounts and social platforms, she make sure to reflect her style in such a way that every person should be inspired be it young, or old. Bhavna believes that  your audience is also your boss.She said “It can be hard to listen to so many voices at once, saying, you need the right attitude and tough skin if you’re going to work in this field.” Be it fitness, styling, Fashion and transformation she has definitely made her name in all. 

Shivani Dhyani

Shivani Dhyani, who is the owner of Exquisite Personality. She’s a passionate blogger and belives that fashion is not a mind game it’s creativity. She belives  that fashion is not about body, its about how to carry to show more. She says, “Fashion is anything which is you and what reflects your personality and if you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing you’ll look trendy and fashionable for sure!” Shivani left her home at an early age to become independent and has since then travelled the world and has explore fashion in different continents! At the end, its not just clothes, its about deriving a sense of belonging, a sense of blending in yet standing out! And you definitely stand out, Shivani!