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Thursday, 19 May 2022 00:00 am
The Societal - Your Only Community

The Societal - Your Only Community

Fitness is the new trend right now, from bollywood celebrities like Salman KhanRanveer SinghAkshay Kumar to sportspersons like Virat Kohli, all of them advocate fitness in their daily lifestyle. Everyone has a different definition of fitness and getting their #fitnessgoals. For some it’s hitting the gym & for others it may be maintaining the right balance, but what should you follow? How do you achieve your #fitnessgoals? 

We have shortlisted the Top Instagram Fitness Influencers you should follow right now to get you from fat to fit in weeks.

Sonali Swami

IBBF athlete, WBBF Asian Champion 2016 (Bronze), India’s top woman bodybuilder & a Tedx speaker, yes we’re not talking about multiple people, Sonali Swami, one of the India’s top woman bodybuilder is the modern age superwoman setting up high standards for all of us to follow worldwide. Sonali is not just a person, she is a well established brand in the world of fitness. Fitness experts and her clients think Sonali is now synonymous to fitness. She is reportedly one of the people who brought the fitness regime In India for women. Sonali is a true inspiration for all of us and there is no doubt about mentioning her name wherever we mention Fitness in this country. A mother of two, Sonali has achieved everything she possibly could and is still going strong. She believes it is more important to have a peaceful life in order to stay healthy.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma is not a new name to the fitness Industry. She has a massive fan following for more than 245k followers on Instagram, she is a transformation expert who believes in preaching what you teach. Pooja stopped competing in fitness competitions and went on to promote local cuisines. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi recently mentioned and gave the #VocalforLocal, Pooja has been working with the same concept since the past few years now. According to Pooja, fitness has been restricted to a certain class with people consuming all the exotic imported foods & vegetables, it is not fair to restrict fitness to a particular class and hence she is trying to liberate the fitness industry by promoting local Indian food which is affordable for everyone. She has started her own brand which helps transforming people called Pooja also started the famous campaign ‘Dal Chawal Wale Abs’. Good luck to you Pooja!

Asad Hussain

Asad is one of the best known people in the bodybuilding & fitness industry. He has a following of over 188k people on just Instagram. Asad is our massive Indian hulk sharing fitness & bodybuilding tips with his huge Instagram following. Interestingly, Asad believes 100% fitness cannot be achieved just by working out and eating right, it is more important to achieve a healthy mind as well. Most of the body builders we come across believe in hardcore training neglect the mental fitness and at times, Asad, however, has a unique method of training where he focusses on achieving a positive attitude of his clients through boosting their morale and self esteem. Asad believes it is more important to bring balance in your life before anything. This is certainly a unique & interesting story which has made him one of the best in this industry. Asad’s women training regime is really popular where he has helped a number of women athletes attaining the art of discipline.

Snigdha Ravi


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The energetic and one of the most hardworking fitness experts of the industry who quietly emerged amongst the top lot of the fitness experts of the country, Snigdha Ravi. Known for her fitness regime, Snigdha is also studying to be a lawyer along with her full time lifestyle & fitness coaching. According to Snigdha, fitness is not just a requirement but a lifestyle which should be available to everyone. She is the face of multiple fitness brands but does not involve herself in a lot of commercial collaborations as she really wants to add some value to the society and improve lives. Probably the youngest fitness Influencer in the top lot, Snigdha believes that the whole idea of being fit is misunderstood by most of the people in this country. People take all sorts of medicines, skip meals and do a lot more in order to get slim which is not advisable. There are better and healthy ways to stay fit and she’s trying to educate people about it trying to bring on a revolution in the fitness world. Way to go Snigdha, we love your work!

Mamta Dagar

Mamta Dagar, an ambitious woman from Haryana, is making her way as a passionate nutritionist and dietician in the country. Coming from a state like Haryana, she had to face various obstacles, only to get out of the 70s-stereotypical-lifestyle and pave a new path of success for herself while creating strides of growth. A zealous professional with a vision to make it big is known to work relentlessly and dedicatedly in the field. Pursuing her education as she completed BCA, followed by MCA, she kick-started her journey as she joined as a sports nutritionist in ACE. With a vast caliber and comprehensive portfolio, Mamta is known to work for diverse brands and international collaborations, including AdidasReebokDecathlonSuperdrySheinDaniel Wellington, and others. Believing in planning short-term and taking life one day at a time, Mamta is looked upon by young minds as an inspiration. Envisioning her future, she intends to step out in the market and explore being a digital influencer and tapping every opportunity to evolve and tread through the road that leads her to success.

Yuva Prakash

Yuva Prakash is a fitness model and trainer also well known as a bodybuilder. He is one of the few bodybuilders using natural techniques to gain muscle and building a strong physique. Yuva has witnessed cases where steroids have negatively affected people. Yuva promotes natural bodybuilding methods and claims there is nothing we’re losing even if we adapt 100% natural methods. He has a huge fan following of a little more than 100k followers on Instagram where he keeps sharing about his natural methods of bodybuilding. Have a look at his profile!

Apoorva Jayarajan

Apoorva is a famous Yoga & mat pilates trainer. Her Instagram profile defines simplicity and that is what she strongly believes in. According to her, Yoga is a lifestyle which would be merged into everyone’s daily life and she is trying to do the same through easing it down for people. She keeps sharing easy yoga tips & tricks on her instagram with her followers accounting up to more than 140k on Instagram alone. She also has a youtube channel with regular videos on making yoga easy and available to everyone. We strongly recommend you to check out her content and relax your body with some amazing yoga sessions.

Juily Wagle

Mrs Maharashtra 2018 & IBBF Women’s Physique Championship in 2019 Julia is a true champion. She has been working in the fitness world as a nutritionist & a yoga teacher. She started her journey with a mission to bring health, vitality and soul back to our lifestyle, one person at a time. With multiple honors and titles, Juily has defined the highest benchmark in the fitness world for her clients to follow. She is also an engineer & MBA truly defining the women power of our country. She is quite a popular figure on Instagram with a fan following of around 58k. Check out her profile!

Arunava Bhattacharyya

Arunava has an inspiring story where he gave up a good MNC job and chose to follow his passion. With no idea about the industry, Arunava entered as a fitness trainer looking for any job that came his way 7 years ago. 7 years of hard work and dedication gave him the success he was looking for, he joined Mustafa Ahmed, the coach for bollywood star Hritik Roshan and was soon made the manager for his online venture. Arunava has been changing the lives of his followers and clients using fitness and public speaking as a platform. He focuses more on a positive attitude and lifestyle along with building a strong physique. With a huge client base and a positive approach, Arunava now has close to 50k followers on Instagram.

Tushar Uppal

Tushar is another believer of natural diet and fitness. The young bodybuilder started his journey to the fitness world around 7 years ago. At just 22, he has trained more than 50 people successfully through natural methods of bodybuilding. Tushar’s dedication can be seen through his commitment towards his work, during musclemania India 2017, right before the event Tushar had an accident and severely burnt his face. He was alone in Bangalore for the tournament and tried getting some treatment but nothing worked, with an injured bleeding face Tushar decided to turn up for the event and eventually won it. Tushar’s passion and dedication for his work has given him success at such a young age. He believes that everyone deserves to stay fit and soon will be starting his own YouTube channel.


*Note: The names are not according to the rank or in any other particular order.