The Art of Using PhotoEditing Apps to Your Rescue

To click a picture is to witness life unboxing years later through captured moments. From reminiscing the lapse of time, laughing between instances, cultivating smiles to gripping half split evenings, cotton candy skies, and literally everything that comes in between — one click can capture bouts of contentment for times ahead. 
As John Keats once said, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” but upholding the “beauty” element righteously every single time? that can be a hard row to hoe. Seizing the moment for what it is doesn’t always come in handy. And to bridge this gap between what you look at and what you see, there is a wide range of photo editing software available at your disposal. So here’s a cheat sheet on how to use these FREE photo editing apps as your secret weapon.


Play with Presets

That tiny speck of annoyance that encases you every time you look in the mirror and then the picture but notice a contrasting range of discrepancies? Yes, that! We’ve all been there. Turns out that’s not so hard to fix anymore. From a wide pool of premade filters available, all you have to do is pick whatever makes you look like the enchantress you are! 
Here’s a perfect demonstration of how presets can immediately enhance the quality and mood of the picture, a post by Saloni Chopra’s @byloveandborders, and she says, “Editing was never about eradicating flaws, but instead about expressing yourself and your emotions through different modes of colours and vibes.” 



Make Your Background A Dream Spot

We’ve got you covered if you too have grown sick of the same old wall positioned behind you in all your pictures. This feature will literally keep monotony at bay and bestow a perfect aesthetic to go with your outfit.
Krupa Patel, a blogger, has shared so many tutorials showing us a lot of super cool ways to tweak your background without it being noticeable. 



Add Aesthetic Elements

Clad in a great outfit from head to toe but something’s amiss? The simple wall perhaps? Adorn it with portraits, a wall hanging, some exquisite stickers here and there, and even clouds, flowers, birds- just anything to match that peculiar outdoor fervour. From making your picture look like a great sepia vintage piece to an ornate charm, this will cover it all.
Muskan Rawat, an influencer and a blogger who has made editing her niche, gives us the best insight into adding these elements flawlessly to your pictures. 



Sunset, Sunset At Your Will

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in that perfect daybreak tint with your face soaked in the bliss of golden hour, but your camera doesn’t do justice to it, this feature will unleash just the right shade for you. You can easily adjust the details, saturation, highlights, exposure, and hues with one slide. 
Charu Goyal, a Jaipur based travel blogger perfectly explains the plethora of options available to recreate just the kind of moment you wanted. “From tone curves to spot removal, lens correction to colour, selective editing to additional effects, presets to correct import/export settings; there is so much that goes behind creating content” 



Fix Your Angles

Pretty sure each one of us has that one friend who’ll just never get the hang of holding the camera properly. You could get the best of pictures but if the angle isn’t aligned, something seems off. Photo editing softwares like Adobe Lightroom gives you the advantage of auto-straightening your pictures, and skew them both vertically and horizontally.
Sanya Gullati, an influencer passing on photography and creative inspiration tips on Instagram, considers “fixing the angles” a simple step she wished she had known earlier. 



Create Your Own Presets 

Even though there are truckloads of filters and presets available to choose from, if they don’t accentuate the highlight of your picture, don’t worry! You’re still not out of options. Apps like VSCO and Lightroom provide you with an option of adjusting everything according to your will and saving it as a preset for editing more pictures, so you don’t have to remember the settings ahead. Lifesaver? We agree.
Saloni Chopra, with her account @ofloveandborders, has rendered a beautiful collection of presets created on Adobe Lightroom that will enhance all your pictures perfectly. 



Add a ‘Vibe’ To Your Pictures  

Have you ever noticed how some pictures just make you go all giggly and happy at the first glance itself? That’s the vibe working up its sorcery. After all the tweaking is done, shoot up the radiance in a way that makes your picture look more authentic and cheerful. Remember, you’re not just editing a picture, you’re adding your own energy to it, make sure it’s dreamy and up to your aesthetic.  Another example of incorporating your vibe to a picture, Muskan Rawat demonstrates by giving her portrait a ‘vintage’ vibe. 

If you’re a photography and editing enthusiast, these top tips and hacks of using photo editing apps like Lightroom, VSCO, Picsart, Snapseed, Photogrid and many more to your benefit will elevate your numbers manifolds. Stay tuned for more! 

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