Madhur Sharma: The melody of Resoluteness and Ambition

Sometimes fate has a theatrical way of encountering us with our weakest moments and inadvertently making us come to terms with the biggest realizations of our life. One such testament to this theory is the popular singer Madhur Sharma. With a follower base of around 3 Lakh people, he has managed to render a striking presence on Instagram with the short covers of the songs on his reels, and the number is only growing further. One of his reels “Saajan” from his concert in Dubai has fetched 7 million views and the fans have gone crazy about his cover of the song “Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai.” Life for Madhur has taken a lot of turns that were unexpected, but he stood firm and thoughtfully proceeded in the right direction. His journey from being stuck in the toughest patch of his life— his father’s demise, to being a rising icon in the music industry is enough to prove that with determination and an action-oriented approach, one can always come out of immense struggles braver, better, and stronger than ever.
Madhur was in his late teens when his father took the heavenly abode. Amidst the grieving and mourning rituals, he was stuck with a striking realization that his family’s dependency has fallen on his shoulders. At the tender age of 17, Madhur started taking guitar lessons to contribute his bit to the family’s responsibility. Destiny took turns for him when he decided on giving auditions in Bhopal, and to his luck and hard work, he got selected to further reach Kolkata for the gig. It was his first-ever flight. And although he did not win the show, bagging complements, exposure and this opportunity had stirred something in him. This is when Madhur realized that singing was his true calling and he grew resilient about pursuing his talent further.

With a buoyant and positive approach towards everything, Madhur believes in being involved in the moment at hand instead of measuring life with his past. He is keen on traveling across the states and exploring new places as well as cuisines. A normal day in Madhur’s life involves a disciplined routine of early morning riyaz where he spends 2-3 hours honing his singing skills. After tending to the calls and queries, he spends his time chilling out in the company of his friends. He claims himself as the most ‘notorious’ one in his circle and doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of teasing his friends in a fun way. He occupies his leisure time by watching YouTube videos to stay updated, Instagram reels, and trying new recipes. Madhur understands that balance is the key, and devotes maximum time to his studio recording sessions, composing and writing new songs. 

In an exclusive interview with The Societal, Madhur talked about the things and people that inspire him, “What constitutes an artist, is their very own imperfections and advantages. I’m inspired by my journey— from where I began to where I’m now, I came a long way.  This realization makes me work harder to achieve more.” Two of the artists that Madhur greatly looks up to are Atif Aslam, for his distinctive texture of voice and personality, and Vishal Mishra, because he proved that hailing from a small city and creating your name and identity is possible if you utilize your talent and work towards it. A notion that he incredibly abides by is “Maturity is not when you start speaking big things but it is when you start understanding small things to achieve big ones.”

Amongst his many accomplishments, Madhur is greatly astonished by the opening performance he did for Neha Kakkar in a concert of around 30000 people. So far he has performed in many bars and cafes and made his way to the limelight by starting small to performing in his own concerts comprising an audience of thousands. Madhur is a part of Tedx as a performer and speaker and has gained immense appreciation from audiences on all social media platforms across the years. Madhur also humbly opened up about his struggles. He has seen a time where he could not afford a cab or even a rickshaw and used to walk several kilometers just to reach the performance venue. Perhaps, these challenges are what made him rock-solid in his undertakings. What he had to go through truly shaped him and carved him into the person he is today. 

One message that he wants to pass on to all the budding artists starting out and turning their passion into this full-time career is to “Take baby steps that bring you closer to your ultimate goal every day. There will be times when you will fall but you have to be strong enough to stand again and pass that failure.” Madhur’s story is one of inexorable resoluteness and hunger to strive for bigger goals and aspirations. The Societal takes immense pride in voicing Madhur’s Sharma inspirational story and wishes him nothing but a whole lot of luck, love, and success.

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