Making up the Makeup Industry with Meenakshi Dutt

Going back to the time when Freelance Makeup Artistry was not a big sport, choosing the sector and establishing a name in the field is what sets MUA Meenakshi Dutt different from others. Though Meenakshi Dutt is based in Delhi, her clientele is spread across India and the world. A renowned celebrity makeup artist who masters the art of giving a perfect look to her brides for their D-Day. Her creative and exceptional skills have made her rule the makeup industry for almost 23 years.

Coming from a middle-class background, Meenakshi Dutt has been a model, an anchor, a dancer, an actor, a Makeup Artist, and yes of course a mother of two. To say the least, she is a multi-dimensional personality who possesses an amazing knowledge of the fashion industry which has helped her throughout to create a brand out of her own name.

In the late 1980s, she started her career as a professional model. Having participated in many beauty pageants Mrs. Dutt raised her career graph by winning the Miss Delhi title and was noted as the queen of ramps during that time. Meenakshi Dutt was indeed a stunning model who has won everyone’s heart during that time. After all the hard work and success in modelling, she entered Indian television as an actress followed by becoming a TV anchor.

It was in 1997 when she stepped into the makeup industry. Yes, in 1997! The time when the industry was not well established. As a business or a profession, it takes a lot of courage to take a road that is not so traveled before. In the early days of her career, being a model and face of many magazines, meanwhile gained a good market exposure in the field of makeup during her tenure in Mumbai followed by which she started as a freelancer in Delhi. Thereafter working for quite a considerable time she marketed her brand name and opened her first makeup studio. Currently, Meenakshi Dutt has over 8 salon academies across India.

The style and glamour sensation, Meenakshi Dutt is said to be the first Freelance makeup artist in India. The fearless lady is behind the ongoing trend of Freelance Makeup Artists across India in almost every metro city. Coming from the time when brides used to prefer getting their wedding looks from salons/parlours. Her creative and vibrant style statement has left a deep impact on her brides to crave for the change, moreover her charismatic behavior and unique fashion approach has got her offers from Bollywood celebs for their special occasions.


Many cities have seen a drastic drift in the Makeup industry, from being a celebrity thing in Mumbai to making the service available for Brides of India, she made them believe that they can avail celebrity-like treatment for their wedding day as well. That’s the power of our revolutionary artist Meenakshi Dutt and her makeup skills. She has always been an inspiring figure for her followers, clients, and students. She has taught many students in her academy and unknowingly had been a figure who helped many create further job opportunities in the industry. She has her academy named “Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers” where she gives professional classes to her students. The idea of giving back to the industry is what she believes in. Apart from motivating on the grounds of her profession, she is also a huge influencer who gives moral lessons to empower more and more women.

Thousands of budding makeup artists and ladies look up to her as she’s indeed an inspiration to many. Being a part of a trend is fruitful but setting a trend is astonishing. In the earlier years of the decade, most of the brides wanted to get their look for the day from the magical blend of Meenakshi Dutt.

In a candid conversation with Meenakshi Dutt, she exclaimed “One of the best parts of being who I am is the sheer number of women from all stratospheres of life who tell me I have inspired them whether it is to become a makeup artist, to become an entrepreneur, become independent or in general just a strong woman. It is one of my greatest achievements. I hope my work continues to inspire and encourage women all across the world to be themselves and work hard to achieve their goals. Teaching girls my art and watching them succeed, that is one of the great gifts I have been given.”

The love and respect Meenakshi Dutt has earned in the industry till date is quite remarkable. Having been said, she’s probably the best influencer who rightly knows how to use her audience and motivate them enough to make them a better person.

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