Simar K- The Next Big Name in Delhi’s Makeup Scene

“Makeup to enhance, not to mask.” I saw this quote on Simar’s Instagram story and could not help but mention it. This quote rightly points out that makeup is not camouflage but a way to enhance your persona. It is indeed really fascinating- the way Simar gracefully dolls her muses. Based in West Delhi, she is a makeup artist certified by Plouise Makeup Academy. Undoubtedly, Delhi’s Makeup industry is vast and Simar K is an emerging star. There are various qualities that help an artist grow. Creativity, experimentation, passion and usage of the right tools and techniques are some of them. Plausibly, Simar has it all.

Multiple Roles That Simar K Profoundly Portrays
Apart from being an MUA, Simar K is an influencer and an educator.  It is commendable how Simar plays these roles charmingly.

Being an influencer, she makes sure to give her audience the precise knowledge they deserve to know before proceeding with any product. I believe that it is essential for an influencer to engage with the audience from time to time as it helps them reach out more effectively. Again, Simar does it all flawlessly. She keeps conducting QnA sessions that allow the audience to clear their minds out.  These QnA sessions are there in her highlights.

Simar also provides DIY and product-based skincare tips frequently. An entire section of highlights on her Instagram profile is filled with a plethora of these tips and tricks. Along with all these, she also conducts contests where the participants follow specific rules and perform tasks. In the end, the winner gets exciting rewards. Her giveaways’ are just an addition to the numerous list of her gestures.

As an educator, Simar K is undoubtedly the one to look for. Many a students rely on her to get trained at this art.  From time to time, she keeps conducting courses to teach aspiring artists in her academy. Plus, ever since the pandemic has come, she has also taught online to numerous budding artists. Simar also inculcates the international curriculum into her courses to give her students an extra layer of knowledge. Not to forget, she is coming up with another one-month basic to advanced pro intensive makeup and hairstyling course from 6 September 2021 with limited seats. This is a chance to get trained by the emerging best in the industry.

Like a whole platter of healthy meals suffices our nutritional needs, Simar overwhelmingly suffices our beauty needs. Her services range from makeup to nails, hair styling and grooming. However, her services are not just limited to bridal grooming. She also works with people looking for an MUA for their best of days.

Doesn’t Shy Away From Experimenting
Someone has rightly said that “the true method of knowledge is experiment.” Simar loves to experiment with colors. In addition, she is marvelous at it. The way she plays with colours is so incredible that they absolutely complement the person’s style and grace. She makes sure to nurture the natural essence of the skin rather than masking it with makeup. 

The Insightful Feedbacks
A true artist is one who takes feedbacks optimistically. Perhaps feedback is that motivation that lets an artist grow professionally. While going through her profile, I saw that Simar loves customer feedback. In addition, she has an entire section in highlights filled with several feedbacks. To sum up, the feedbacks were quite positive in nature. People praised Simar and her team for their politeness and treatment. The products used by her team were another addition to the praises she received, as they were of quality to the core.

One thing that decides an artist’s outlook is their versatility, the way they work under every circumstance. Be it a subtle look or a bolder one, Simar aces it like no one. In her recent bridal series called ‘Ruhaaniyat’ , she has attempted to blend and balance the traditional and modern look beautifully. Her originality is indeed praiseworthy.

It is quite evident that she will be one of the following more prominent names in Delhi’s Makeup Scene because Simar never fails to shimmer.

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