Shivangi Dutt: Of Art and Unfolding Generations

One of the deadliest combinations of all time is passion backed up with efforts— all towards a single goal. One such symbol of this ferocious blend is Shivangi Dutt. Shivangi is the daughter of a well renowned and celebrated makeup artist who made her name a brand— Meenakshi Dutt. Because of her mother’s established realm in the makeup industry, Shivangi had just the kind of exposure she needed, right from the get go. Highly cheerful and optimistic in her demeanour, Shivangi takes great pride in nurturing her inclination towards makeup ever since she was a kid. “I’ve always had a knack for makeup, due to my mother’s profession”, she says. Fascinated with an amalgamation of art, media and the visual world, Shivangi cultivated her innovative outlook by experimenting here and there as a kid. Today, not only is she upholding her mother’s legacy but also carrying it forward with elegance and grace. Shivangi believes that it is essential to evolve as a person, a professional, and as an artist, in all spectrums, be it work, life or relationships at all times and considers her positivity and consistency fundamental to her growth.
Looking back at the highlighted archives of her life, Shivangi recollects her presence at the Graduate Fashion Week in London as a phenomenal experience, “I felt like I just belong!” as she puts it. However, beyond the accentuated spotlight that surrounds her today, lies years of consistent practice and hard work. Working extended hours and ensuring optimum client satisfaction in times when everyone has a unique set of expectations, while also bracing the art that you represent is not a piece of cake. And yet, we find her charm and allure still intact. As valuable as she contemplates her work, Shivangi also acknowledges the significance of fostering an equilibrium in life and enjoying it to the fullest. In an interview with The Societal, she asserts “Everything has to be fun for me, whatever is not fun is not in my life anymore.”

With a high spirited approach and great enthusiasm towards life, Shivangi does not live life in half measures—”I don’t live a regretful life, I believe if there’s anything you want to learn, you’ve got it all in front of you, you can still do it.” Her astuteness and undaunted appeal for learning new things is what makes her stand out from the lot. Keeping aside her profession as an identity, Miss Dutt defines herself as a strong-headed, free-flowing and adventurous woman and even though she’s amiable, she likes to keep her boundaries in place. She also emphasizes on not letting any negative feedback get to her head, instead using it to her benefit, by constant evaluation and taking actions in the right direction.
In a culture where people have started associating self-love with materialistic pleasures, Shivangi preaches self-love through positive affirmations, “I’m learning to accept my appearance and not undermine myself when people compliment me”. For her, self-love is all about “accepting yourself for exactly who you are and who you’ve been in the past, and keeping in mind who you want to become. The coordination amongst these three versions is beneficial.”

Shivangi’s tale embarks a sense of confidence and dedication in all the budding youngsters starting out in this profession. Her placid composure and clutter-free approach to her work paint a vivid picture of idealism with an added tint of amusement. A piece of professional advice she aims at passing on is that “Being a makeup artist is not a fancy thing, you are basically a slave to glamour. When you are preparing everyone to look pretty, you are going to end up looking really funny and exhausted by the end of the day. But you will learn a lot. So enjoy it, enjoy the process, the challenges, dealing with people. Enjoy whatever you do, just keep going.” The young beauty icon reckons she has a long way to go, and reiterates that consistency and optimism will take you places. The Societal congratulates Shivangi for following the footsteps of her mother, Meenakshi Dutt, and creating a constructive space for herself in the make up industry, and endows for her the best of wishes for her future endeavours.

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