Doing Fashion With A Hint of Sass

Ever imagined what heights your love for fashion can take you to. The right way can take you far and wide, giving you what you desire. And Anushka Hazraa seems to be the perfect example for you if you are a fashion geek. This girl-next-door will teach you, guide you, and tell you all about fashion in a creative, beautiful, and fashionable way.
Anushka Hazraa is a digital creator who is currently pursuing her fashion design course from NIFT. She has been a part of various organizations as a social media intern. Based in Mumbai, Anushka has more than 36K followers on Instagram. Apart from Instagram, she has more than 7K subscribers on Youtube.

Anushka is also an author at Grazia and writes fashion blogs. Fashion and blogging are her USPS. She has been a content creator for quite some time now, but she never seems to be out of ideas as can be seen from her regular posts and updates. Multitasking and time- management come naturally to her and the process of creating gives her enormous joy.
She has been a fashion intern and content writer for many organizations, which has helped her earn a lot of experience and important lessons which she uses in her work. Being associated with various organizations help you develop a better understanding of the world and the world you are doing.

Apart from content creation, she also loves doing fashion journalism, photography, and dancing. She has around 3.6 million followers on Trell, an Indian lifestyle video app. She describes herself as your girl-next-door with a hint of sass, the meaning behind this description will become evident once you visit her Instagram handle and Youtube channel.
The variety of content she posts across various platforms speaks a lot about her knowledge and talent. She will motivate you and teach you how to be good at multitasking and still do wonders in it. What stands her apart is the originality she puts in every video, she tries to tell something new every time and amaze the audience with her fashion sense and level of dedication towards her work.
The content she posts on Instagram is about fashion trends, new and interesting hacks, tips and tricks, and fashion recommendations and reviews. Her creativity will amaze you and her style is out of the world. Look her out for more insights into interesting ways of fashion.

Her Youtube channel is filled with not only fashion content but also dance covers of famous Bollywood songs and vlogs. The best part about her channel is the educational content, she has made a lot of videos in which she gives useful advice to all NIFT aspirants. From NIFT related Q&A sessions to preparation tips, she has it all. IF you are aspiring for NIFT, do check out her Youtube channel to get some useful insight into the exam.
She tells others to be themselves and follow their passion, giving it all they have got. One important thing to learn from her is consistency in quality content, you need to prioritize that and never give up. Her journey and work as a content creator and fashion freak are truly inspiring for all content creators across platforms.
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