Meet Snigdha Ravi, the new age influencer trying to revolutionize the Fitness & Mental Health industry

Our hearts fill with pride every time we come across inspiring stories of powerful women trying to bring about a change and creating an impact in society. In this ‘influencer culture’ Snigdha Ravi is one of the young minds who is trying to add real value and help individuals around her. A lawyer by profession, Snigdha is reportedly the youngest fitness influencer in the country to make it amongst the top lot. She took it up at an early age of 15 and as of today she is a successful fitness coach with more than 500 clients and 100k followers on Instagram. She is one of the contemporary ‘Instagram celebrities’ who is not just a fitness coach but a social media influencer, at a very young age of 22, Snigdha endorses multiple brands and features regularly in various digital platforms. 

Being diagnosed with anxiety disorder & PCOS, Snigdha decided to take up the fitness regime for herself. However, it did not stop there and she went on to be a female bodybuilder, again one of the youngest one in the country. The change and improvement felt by her inspired her to pursue her life in the fitness industry improving thousands of lives around her. Snigdha is an advocate of mental health and how staying fit can improve our mental health significantly. 

She regularly speaks about a physically & mentally fit body and why is it so important to take it seriously through her Instagram and YouTube handles, she thinks that, “fitness is not just a requirement but a lifestyle which should be available to everyone, being a sufferer of anxiety disorder myself, I realised how staying physically fit not only helped with my anxiety but improved my life as a whole significantly.”

During the past few months, as the country closed down for a long period and people were stuck inside their houses, Snigdha received thousands of messages from her followers with queries about losing weight, staying healthy and dedicating time on their health, “As soon as the pandemic broke out and the lockdown was imposed, I was flooded with queries and messages with people asking me all sorts of questions, I think the whole idea about staying fit in this country is a bit distorted, everyone wants to just take medicines, skip meals or take numerous supplements in order to stay fit and lose weight. I think the whole idea is misunderstood and physical fitness can easily be achieved through eating right and eating fresh.”

Snigdha believes that it is extremely important to bring a revolution in the industry and add real value to improve our lives instead of just spending money on the so called ‘healthy products’. It is not an unknown fact that mental health can be improved by staying fit physically, for example, a study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%. Reportedly, the suicide rate of our country has fired up during these times, Sushant Singh Rajput being one of them, a celebrity who allegedly committed suicide due to depression. It is high time we give our mental health the desired attention it needs, unfortunately, many people don’t see it that way and take this topic very lightly, Snigdha, unlike those people, recognized that she had social anxiety and panic disorder. Instead of hiding her problems, she came forward with them and decided to deal with them, her journey included lot of ups and downs and it wasn’t always easy.
Snigdha says that “Exercise helped me immensely. However, I did undergo therapy too. I attended therapy for about six months before I could start attending college again without breaking down in class or anywhere randomly. It was a combination of both that helped me a lot. Speaking to people and knowing that I have a support system, helped me immensely too. Accepting myself for all my flaws and letting things go that aren’t in my control are two new things that I’ve implemented especially in this lockdown and I feel like this helped me give a more positive outlook and helped with overthinking all the time”. Thus, Snigdha is one of the many remarkable women who have accomplished so much in a short period of time, they teach us that no matter how many difficulties we encounter, we can always achieve our goal if we stay focused. Snigdha is a perfect example of the powerful young women who break the cultural and social barriers to make their lives and the lives of those around them better, more power to her!

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