An Abstract on Passion, Productivity, and People with Shubham Gaur

Making people laugh has got to be one of the noblest and tricky deeds out there, and we think everyone will back us up here. Comedy is something that doesn’t occur easily to everyone, you’ve got to be a special kind of a wackadoo for something to comically strike you and for you to deliver it in the same, or maybe a little more elaborative context, without letting off the punch. Meet Shubham Gaur, a comedian with around 1.5 Lakhs following, an actor, and a writer who’s making it big on Instagram with his personally vetted doses of humorous anecdotes. His journey began in high school itself when everyone acclaimed him as the funniest element of their batch. At the age when everyone somehow undergoes a face-off with their to-be ambition, Shubham rejoiced, exploiting his extroverted side to its maximum potential. However, carrying it forward as a profession came much later. It was around the post-YouTube and pre Jio era that things grew big for him. He began consuming more content and his exposure increased, leading to a more versatile set of ideas and forms of expression. 

In an exclusive interview with The Societal, Shubham explained how growing up, his personality transgressed from an extrovert to an ambivert. Although, his relation with one of his best friend Rajesh Yadav remains unchanged irrespective of anything. Shubham speaks highly of him as he tells us about how supportive he has been at all times. As opposed to the loud rendition of him we see on camera, he describes himself as a composed but clumsy procrastinator who loves having fun and would practically live on sweet dishes forever, in other words, our ideal version from an alternate reality. Springing between Delhi and Bombay, a routine day in Shubham’s life tilts more towards leniency. Content prep for him goes on from noon to night, and after garnering a significant amount of productivity, a little chunk of his time is spared for his favourite mobile game called “real cricket”. His ideas for both short-form and long-form content originate from the things and people he observes around himself and improvises them into humorous stories. V

With a very practical and realistic take on things, Shubham has acknowledged his privilege from the very beginning. Coming from a lower-middle-class humble family, as he puts it, he does not believe in making noise about minor inconveniences and disguising them as struggles. Cribbing does no good, so he takes action instead and lets the results follow. He expresses his gratitude for his friends and family who have been supportive of his decisions right from the get-go. He has utilised the bare minimum resources made available to him and scrounged all his grandeur out of it. “Those with a real ‘rags to riches’ story wouldn’t need to sing it out loud for people to know. It will speak for themselves.” Today, he claims that he has absolutely nothing to complain about, and that is the kind of attitude and warmth that needs to be embedded in more and more people.

Unlike the typical sibling relationships that involve endless leg-pulling and banter, Shubham’s equation with his sister Saloni Gaur, who’s also a renowned content creator, is very sorted. To back this, Shubham shared a personal story describing his fondness for sweet dishes and how he gets defensive on sharing any sugary delicacy with anyone. Yet, he said he wouldn’t think twice about giving the last piece of his favourite sweet — chena toast to his sister. That’s the amount of love and understanding that persists between them. Now, what is a better proof for demonstrating your love for your sister? Being in a similar line of work, they mutually complement each other’s growth at every step, from the ideation stage to when it takes rounds on Instagram. Another anecdote he shared with us revolved around his love for his family, how he ensures his presence at every festival, and his attachment to his traditional values. “Despite shifting to a more urban location, I made sure to celebrate the Gobardhan festival with my family. My grandmother was worried about finding the cow dung cakes for the ritual and insisted on skipping the celebration. But we went around the outskirts and got them. I believe one should always stay connected to your roots and culture.”

On being asked about his experiences, Shubham mentioned how every character he played turned out to be a unique and distinctive experience for him. “In the past 5 years, I have not done any similar thing twice. I experimented with different roles and characters and that has yielded me a learning element, which has been an exponential mark of my growth.” His initial works ‘honest reviews’ with his friend Zain marks remains the most prominent and promising gig he landed. He’s exceptionally proud of his role in Hostel Daze, being an original TVF show to be streamed on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, it was a big achievement for Shubham. He also mentions how his work for Sony LIV involved a great deal of struggle, as he was the co-producer and the co-creator of the show, and had to create 20 episodes of 25 minutes each in a span of 20 weeks, which was challenging. From tonnes of rewriting and effort to keep the legal repercussions in mind,  Shubham’s effort along with the team paved the way for its success. One notion that he abides by is that hard work pays off, not immediately but definitely. “One thing I’ve realised over the course of time is that people matter so much more than money. If you want fruitful returns in the long run, value your relationships over monetary gains. They tend to go a long way in shaping you.” 

One message that he wants the people starting out to know is to not go after a dream that a thousand people are already chasing. If you must, make sure you’re taking a different and promising route. “Do a SWOT analysis and always ask yourself what the next best alternative is. If you want to be a cricketer but that somehow doesn’t happen, what’s the next best thing you can be? being a sports journalist or a commentator. You fly in the same planes as they do, stay at the same hotels, be on the same grounds, and watch the match as closely as anyone can. Now that’s a strategic implementation of passion. Don’t do something for the cool quotient, do it if you’re good at it.” Shubham’s contemplative approach and enthusiastic spirit have made him stand on the top today. The Societal wishes him a hefty amount of luck for all his future endeavours. 

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