So you have been confined to live and work inside the four walls you call home? Well, you’re not the only one aha! Coincidence? More like COVID-cidence! (We feel awfully sorry for you if you don’t possess this kind of humor). 
This lockdown has induced entirely new lethargic levels in most of us (MOST). For people who are used to working a regular 9-6 job, or for that matter any sort of employment involving getting of the house, this sudden shift to the confines of their couch all day has killed any remaining enthusiasm they may have had in their lives. 

Getting up in the morning and slouching your way out of bed to have a cup of tea and some decent breakfast is exhausting in itself. Added to that the HUGE responsibility of changing into something more work-fitting might seem to be a Herculean task, but it could prove to be just the boost you need to freshen yourself up and move on into super productivity mode!

As unnecessary as it may seem, outfit planning gives you a fantastic opportunity to proclaim control back over your procrastinating lifestyle. Bring in a wider range of colours into your wardrobe, embrace the enjoyment in creating mismatched outfits, give in to the elegance of simple accessories or jewellery. Take up the challenge and decorate your wardrobe to suit your work-from-home lifestyle. 

My aunt has been a dialogue writer in the Hindi television industry for over 15 years now, so she happens to know a thing or two about the WFH culture. “Our mind correlates each place and time in a day with a specific outfit,” she says. “If you’re wearing something else, it might seem a bit odd for an instance to be doing what you are. It’s very important to be comfortable with your work environment, and your clothes play a very important role in ensuring that.”

Wearing items that you feel connected to personally helps boost productivity. It could be your go-to t-shirt, a light-colored casual work shirt or clothes that hold special value for you. You need to meet somewhere half-way between dressing too professionally and being way too comfortable with your outfit for the day. 

Here are some clothing choices which cannot go wrong:

1. Colourful t-shirts: Bring a little more colour to your life with springy tops and coloured tees. You can play with the designs; from stripes to jerseys, anything works!

2. Loose collared shirts: These are comfier versions of regular shirts knit in flowy and warm fabric, the kind you would wear on a hangout. 

3. Pullover sweatshirts and sweatpants: This outfit works best for those who are averse to wearing formal attire at home which might bring discomfort in their body. 

4. Hoodies: The perfect item to wear and slump into a cosy couch corner with your laptop and get to work. Hoodies pockets are probably the greatest human invention, right?

5. Cardigan sweaters: Maybe in the fall or when the days start getting cold, there’s nothing better than a cardigan. It gives an aesthetic look while also scoring high in the comfort department.

6. Chunky sweaters: (huge GoT fan here, so SPOILER ALERT!) Winter is coming, need something to protect you? Well, Ned Stark is dead, so you’re gonna have to make do with thick, chunky sweaters instead to keep you warm. 

7. Jeans: Go for that semi-formal look with the perfect jeans instead of the usual pants. It gives out the extra professional vibe. Wearing denim shirts is just as good an idea!

8. Comfy pants: Unable to get into work character? Get into a pair of comfy pants to give you the office feels. They carry within them an incomparable balance between comfort and energy which can only help cheer you up.

9. Printed leggings: Women searching for their work comfort zone might find solace in a pair of leggings. Wear printed items to slide off of a dull mood. 

10. Shorts: Give your legs a break with a comfy pair of shorts instead of full-length clothing. Pair it up with a matching pullover for the outfit of the week!

11. Soft cotton PJs: There’s always another side to the argument which, in this case, would be wearing the same pyjamas you wear every night. Hey, no arguing from my side though; wear whatever makes you feel like working!

12. Socks: You’ve got to keep your feet warm too, right? 

13. Slippers: Keep it simple and cosy with a clean pair of slippers. This is the least you can do for your feet.  

14. Slip-on sneakers: If slippers are putting you off, bring some liveliness with sneakers.
15. Accessories and jewellery: Keep it simple and elegant with casual hoop earrings and some basic jewellery. For people with long hair, a headband should suffice.  

Your first instincts might be to jump into a sweatshirt, and it’s perfectly okay to wear the occasional ultra casuals, but setting a dress code and creating specific outfits for yourself isn’t too bad of an idea. Wear anything that makes you feel at home while also creating a work atmosphere fit enough for you to work through. Achieving perfect balance will enhance productivity and prevent bad days at work. 

Also, take notice of the time of the day and change accordingly. As soon as work is over, get back into your PJs to let your body know that it’s time for rest (it is just as important guys!).  
Hope this works for you, adios, ciao, cheerio!

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