Who hasn’t done a last-minute cramming session before an exam? But let’s be honest, we regret it every time and promise ourselves to never repeat that.If you are one of those students having sleepless nights exam then here are 8 study hacks that will make your life a little less stressful:

#1 Fancy up those notes: Use colourful post-its and neon highlighters to never forget about those important details. Studying with coloured pens and highlighters not only allows you to make a mental connection but also a visual one with your content.

#2 Plan It Out: Outlining a schedule and setting up goals helps you navigate how much time you spend studying. It guides you to build self-discipline and determination without anyone giving you constant reminders. With a study plan, don’t forget to schedule a time for non-academic activities as well. It is always recommended to create a realistic plan with short term goals instead of a plan that you will never follow.

#3 Revamp your study space: One must have a semi-permanent study area to set you up in a studious mood. The goal of the study space is to maximize the attention you devote to your books and you can’t do that if the space is full of distractions.
Make sure you have access to everything you need before you sit, like notepads, pens, laptop (if required), and water. Your space should be quiet, not messy, and comfortable yet not too comfortable. Sticking up inspiring quotes in your study space would pump you to stay motivated!

#4 Use FLASHCARDS: Believe me, they definitely work! Flashcards are hands down one of the most effective ways to stay focused during study sessions. They help you engage in active recall which helps you remember all the important terms and concepts. They are an engaging tool that also helps you to test yourself consistently.

#5 Mock Tests: The best way to learn is by making mistakes and a mock test allows you to make as many mistakes you can. They help in boosting your confidence and overcome your mistakes. You can measure how much you are prepared for a test and work on the weakness. It acts as immediate feedback to you and helps you manage your time as well.

#6 Group Study: Groups are effective in generating positive energy and encouraging each other to do hard work. Rather than learning without understanding, it is better to have someone teach you the concepts which are not clear, it saves up the time you would have spent to figure that out. Everyone has unique talents and as a group, you have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of other group members.

#7 Reward is the Key: Anything you do for a reward or pleasure helps you build better concentration than doing it for nothing. A treat or small bribe gives you something to look forward to and focus on a goal. It can be an episode of your favorite show, a quick call to your friend, or maybe a few minutes on social media.

#8 Sleep and Rest: Getting enough rest and sleep is undervalued but it is the most crucial part of learning. Staying up all night will do you no good rather it may actually backfire. Reduced sleep means reduced concentration which means reduced result!

We all have different capabilities and a different mind; everything may or may not work for you. Learning how to learn might seem a little strange but it helps you shave extra hours off your study time.

One last piece of advice for you all is STAY POSITIVE, it’s amazing how an optimistic attitude can motivate you to study for that exam or complete your never-ending assignments when all you want to do is crawl back to your bed.

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