A Day in a Mommy Influencer’s Life

Published by Sneha Manoharan on

Motherhood is that full-time job that a woman never get enough credit for. Women today are however more aware of their capabilities and do not want to give up on their passion. Neha Sharma is one such influencer who has refused to choose between her aspirations and her family. She has exceptionally built her brand while balancing her life as a mother. She became an influencer after she got married and completed her graduation after she became a mother. With a 3-year-old daughter now, she has set the tone for all the super ambitious mommies out there. 

A mother can be faced with the dilemma of taking care of their family and pursuing their dreams. In Neha’s case, it is creating engaging content. In an interview with the Societal, she fondly recounts those small instances where she had work at hand and her daughter would just start crying for no reason. Sometimes it is really cute but handling it in the right way while also not neglecting your child is a very vital aspect of dealing with things. 

Social media can be quite an overwhelming space with people looking at and scrutinizing everything about your life, coping up with that knowledge can be hard and at times intimidating. A lot of times people are giving out unsolicited advice regarding one’s family life. Is there a mantra to stay unbaffled? According to her, at the core, it is all about being real to yourself. You have to decide whether you feel good enough to be creating content and it is through that realization that she believes in being honest to her followers. She also likes interacting with all her followers and supporters one-on-one. She says it makes her feel closer to her community. This does mean daily interactions which come with her twice-a-day post policy. With all this going, keeping it real is the only solution. So her one mantra is to, “Be transparent through your posts, keep active engagement with your followers, and never let it become YOU.” 
For a lot of people, the lifestyle of an influencer can seem like an overwhelming one, but Neha believes that it is like every other job where you have to take the time out and focus completely on your work. Having a plan always works, but it is not the job of the influencer that is challenging. Maintaining a balance at work is fine but when it comes to chores and managing her family, she flies solo. She also has to plan for when there are emergencies. “All posts and emails are answered by me. This means if my kid is not well or sick  a day off is a must.”She says that a day in the life of an influencer is all about micromanaging your day-to-day activities and establishing the perfect balance when it comes to your child, family, and of course your Instagram family. Setting priorities and unfolding the work in a specific order can go a long way in such situations.

Just like its not conventional for men to leave their jobs and ambitions after having a family, women should be able to do the very same without any judgement. 

All we can say now is that social media has grown immensely and helped people make the most of their talents. It is no more just an isolated space for already popular personalities and that has given it a whole new dimension.