Agamjot Singh- Music of Life, Drummed In Style

Published by Rishi Singh on

Pursuing a music career is a tough decision. Especially when you want to pursue an instrument, but Agamjot Singh isn’t afraid to pursue his passion for drum. Having an inclination towards music since a very young age, he has learned several instruments, but what he loved the most was the drums. When he played the drums for the first time, he knew that this instrument was his passion.
“I find it meditative, and it is the perfect stress buster for me,” says Agamjot, who has covered numerous songs on drums. His cover on popular songs will make you vibe without you even noticing. No matter the song, he covers it with such an ease that it looks simple and awesome simultaneously, syncing with the music almost effortlessly.
Apart from being a drummer, he is also a digital creator. He has more than 42K followers, with only 51 posts. So many followers with a short number of posts show that his talent will undoubtedly take him far and wide. His most famous video is when he covered the popular song Srivalli from Pushpa. It garnered a total of over ten million-plus views. His dream collaboration is with AP Dhillon. He enjoys listening to his music and feels that they will strike a great bond and have a great time together. Looking at his progress and hard work, it seems like his dream will definitely come true soon.

It is hard to find family support when you are a digital creator and pursue a musical instrument as your career, thanks to the stereotypical society. But not in the case of Agamjot. They always encourage him to follow his passion and are very supportive of him, also involved and trying to help in every possible way. His parents are an example to all those who always doubt their kids when they differ from their chosen career path and try to do something they are passionate about.
“The appreciation and encouragement I get from my followers, as well as my friends and family, has been my biggest motivation. I am blessed to receive so much love and affection and constantly strive to exceed expectations,” says Singh when asked about what motivates him to keep moving forward. The words of praise you receive for your hard work are indeed a blessing that helps you keep moving forward. Cherishing these words and not taking them for granted is what makes Singh stand out and shine.
His biggest inspiration is Matt McGuire, a famous drummer and music director for The Chainsmokers. He is someone Singh has always looked up to, and it is this man because of whom he constantly works to improve his skills. His favorite genre of music is hip hop and pop music. Agamjot is always open to collaborations and has collaborated with several independent artists. He also has more than two thousand subscribers on Youtube. His feats are truly remarkable for someone who is not even 18 years old.
Talking about the difficulties that he faces as a digital creator, Agamjot tells us, “Creating content can be very time consuming and sometimes I struggle with balancing it with my other responsibilities. You need to constantly innovate and improve in order to keep your followers interested, so it is important that you listen to feedback and keep evolving.” He loves interacting with his followers and wants to create as much content as possible as well as interact with his followers in every possible way.
He has been recognized and praised by numerous famous artists like Badshah, Diljit Dosanjh, Ayushman Khuranna, Arjun Kanungo, and Yashraj Mukhate. His efforts and hard work have already started showing his effect, but it isn’t stopping him from posting awesome covers at all times. He never fails to impress his followers and keeps getting better and better with every reel, picking up songs hard to sync with; his dedication to music and drums is really inspiring. His techniques and style bring an odd sense of satisfaction, and his diversity combined with his style deserve all the world’s praise. This young and talented influencer has already made his name, but his popularity keeps increasing, and we hope it doesn’t stop till he is on top of the world.
“Keep working hard and don’t stop until you are proud” is what Agamjot has to say for all the aspiring drummers and content creators.