Aspiring content creator? Here’s what you need to do to get famous in a month.

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Among the profusion of glamorous and creative careers, online content creators are currently at the peak of their game! Instagram content creators are stealing the show! In case you are wondering, what is an Instagram content creator – it refers to people who produce Instagram content, to serve the interests of a specific audience. Some of the top Instagram content creators in India are  Komal Pandey, Kritika Khurana, Jannat Zubair, Bhuvan  Bam, Awez Darbar, and many more! So, if you want your name among the top 10 content creators in India, or if you are wondering how to be famous on social media, here are the things that you need to follow!
1. Review your skills to choose your target audience.
Do not attempt to create content on topics about which you do not have proper knowledge. Amongst the numerous creators with specific content creator skills, your content might get washed off by theirs, or your content might lack distinctiveness, which can drive your followers away. You have to choose things to be famous for, i.e, use your best skills and knowledge to create content

2. Use clickbait proficiently.
All freelance content creators use clickbait, meaning – attractive headlines that compel audiences to click on a link to read the article. Use headlines that haven’t been used before, but those should be related to the content you are using them for. 

3. Use content creator tools.
The app stores have billions of tools, which can help to edit and plan your content, with features like scheduling posts, designing grids, and checking the audience’s interactions. Skillfully using the tools can keep your followers intact in the long race.

4. Post regularly and avoid uncertain timings.
The content creator’s world is enormous and with everybody posting regularly, you need to keep up your pace. Long delays in posting can remove you from your audience’s mind. Similarly, posting at irregular timings can miss your target audience’s attention. Observe when your target audience is the most active, and choose posting time accordingly. 

5. Avoid soulless content.
Though your content should focus on a specific skill, the content should have variety. Even clickbait won’t work if there’s nothing new on your page. Social media fame craves uniqueness. Make sure that you are using the best of your knowledge and skill, to design your content

6. Collaborate with other creators.
To be a successful content creator for social media, you need to partner up with other talented creators, who make similar content. By doing that, you are getting exposure to a whole new set of audience, and it increases your possibility of getting approached by more proficient creators and brands.
7.  Advertise your page.
Whether it is a page on social media or your content website, display it everywhere! Share it with your friends and family, and ask them to recommend it to other people. You can also pay the other pages to advertise your content, or use the #shoutoutsforshoutouts technique.

8. Observe other creators!
Other creators can not only give your exposure but can inspire you to maximize your creativity. Observe the posts of the more experienced content creators, utilize them as content creator examples, and frame your own original post without plagiarising. 

9.  Stay away from follower boosters.
While thinking about how to become internet famous on Instagram, followers boosters may look tempting, as it promises you to maximize your followers count, in less time. But the mass following you gain are mostly from spam accounts, or from accounts that aren’t interested in your content, and may unfollow you shortly after. Also, as the accounts using follower boosters are easily recognizable, it can drive away your real potential followers, who may consider you as fraud.

10. Make use of all the features of social media.
If you use social media on regular basis, you are aware of stories, reels, hashtags, tagging, etc. Those are the most effective in-built tools to maximize your follower counts with genuine and interested followers. Use related hashtags, tag similar content creators, make reels on trends and keep updating your stories, for a constant, gradual, and healthy increase in followers count.
Get ready to live in internet fame, by following the very easy steps and decorate your own content creating kingdom!