Attending to your Skin by Niyanta

Published by Astha Gupta on

Your skin is more than just a layer on your body. Being one of the most important sense organs, your skin helps you detect temperature, pressure, vibration, touch, and injury. It is responsible for preventing dehydration by holding all your body fluids in and also protects you from harmful germs by creating a shield on your body. Then why should we neglect taking care of it?
Taking good care of your skin is essential for more than just your appearance.  It is extremely important for maintaining good health. When you take care of your skin, it returns the favor by taking care of you. Now, skincare isn’t just about washing and moisturizing your face. It may work for some, but different skin types require different treatments. Talking of which, Niyanta has got you all covered!
Connected to her audience through Instagram, Niyanta manages to clear all your doubts and questions about skincare products, especially if you’re a beginner. Through her page, Niyanta helps you get an idea about the range of products available in the market that are just the right ones for your skin. The best part about it all? You get insights about products across all price ranges! Apart from getting information about various products, you also get hair care tips, techniques to improve skin and hair, and product comparison reviews.
Here are some of the tips and tricks by Niyanta to get that healthy glowing skin.
With peak summers around the corner, the sun doesn’t seem pleasant at all, especially for your skin. What comes with this sun phobia is the constant fear of getting your skin tanned and damaged. And heavy sunscreens feel sticky and patchy on the skin. But you don’t have to worry about all this! Bringing to you lightweight sunscreens that blends easily and feels like nothing on the skin, Niyanta is here to the rescue!
Just like your body requires fluids during summers, so does your skin. Excessive oiliness, blackheads, tanning, dead cells accumulation are some of the skin problems that come with scorching sun days. Niyanta tells you about must have skincare products for summers, so that your skin stays fresh and hydrated, and healthy all throughout.
Who said good skin comes only with big budget? Niyanta gives you a glimpse of all the products that are not only under Rs. 500 but also which does wonders to your skin. Here, have a look!
First shampoo then conditioner? No, first conditioner then shampoo! Niyanta tells you about how reversing the whole process might bring in a lot of happy, healthy changes to your hair. If the usual method isn’t suiting your hair, why not try this one?
You have been oiling your hair weekly but still don’t see the good quality hair you have always dreamt of? Perhaps you are doing it the wrong way! Tension not, because Niyanta points out all the hair oiling mistakes that you might have been doing ending up with even damaged locks.
Once you fall in love with Niyanata, then there’s no going back. Her methods are easy to understand and real to believe. You will find her giving live demonstrations so you don’t have to worry about what-ifs and if the product is good or not. As her Instagram bio says, Niyanata shares effective skincare, haircare & lifestyle finds from affordable to high-end. She believes in educating & busting myths so that you can choose the best for you!