Battling Stereotypes Associated With Fashion

Published by Nida Sabiha on

The defining characteristic of every decade in the past has been its fashion. From women trying to achieve an hourglass look in the 1940s to men donning bright colours in the 70s, it’s easy to guess what fashion trend is from what era. But with a new wave of enlightened youths in the 2000s who weren’t scared to express themselves, fashion has evolved and branched out in many different directions. But one particularly defining feature of the recent fashion trends has been the blurring lines between the stereotypical gender clothing.Even with the fashion industry becoming gender fluid, it’s still a hard pill for society to swallow. Women are expected to look delicate in the way they dress and men are expected to look stern. The basis of these stereotypes lies in the patriarchal and sexist views of society. This shift is not about giving feminine or masculine touches but eliminating that concept to give an individual the complete freedom to express themselves.
How one dress can be a powerful medium of voicing out one’s views and opinions. The rules that were laid around fashion were mostly just a way to control what people do. Now that the world is going through different revolutions at the same time, rules are being defied. The fashion industry decided to defy every rule that once defined them. What once had concrete ideas for male and female fashion now started adopting a more fluid approach. 

The gender-fluid fashion has been going around in western countries for quite a few years now but has recently entered the mainstream Indian media with individuals who are no more afraid to let their fashion speak. One such example is Siddharth Batra who is challenging the stereotypes in Indian men’s fashion and breaking barriers that no longer need to exist. In one of his very quirky captions, he states “If you love nachos, wear them on your sleeves” and although it doesn’t seem like a lot, I believe it’s a way to tell the audience that they can wear whatever they love and want to. If you want to express yourself with a shirt and lehenga, then go for it. 
Siddharth Batra is a fashion blogger who isn’t afraid to experiment with his style and break the rules that society has set up. He recreates iconic looks of different celebrities and even shows off his own versatile style. He also did a video with his girlfriend where they swapped clothes. The gender-fluid nature of the fashion industry is quite prominent in this video.Remember those days when men wearing sarees or an article of female clothing would be used to add a comic effect in the media. Not anymore, men now wear a saree and walk with confidence as if the whole world is their Red Carpet. Influencers like Siddharth Batra play a major role as they bring this gender-fluid fashion to the common public through means of social media.

The battle to challenge these stereotypes is more than just fashion. It’s part of bigger social issues. With the world trying to accept gender as a social construct, the fashion industry has taken a huge step towards it by blurring the lines.