Best Street Food/Cafes in North Delhi to Visit Your First Day in College

Published by Rishi Singh on

The first day of college is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You start a new journey in your life and this event marks the beginning of that journey, so why not celebrate this event in a cafe or with some sweet and spicy street foods. However, picking up street food or the right cafe is not an easy task. There is a lot of thinking and brainstorming involved in the process of picking them up. But don’t worry we are here for you with this list as we are going to list down here some of the best street foods and cafes in North Delhi
1.   Chache Di Hatti- Kamla Nagar
This is one of the most popular places in North Delhi to have some delicious Chole bhature. It is near Kamla Nagar, G-Block, Bungalow Road. It is easily affordable for anyone and I don’t think I need to tell you about the taste.The food here is just going to give you an out of the world experience that will make you come back here again and again.
2.   Sudama Chai- Ramjas College
Tea is the most favourite after beverage for many Indians. The perfect mixture of tea leaves with milk and sugar refreshes every part of your body. So what’s the harm in starting your first day at college with the best tea in the entire area. Sudama tea stall is popular in the whole city for the classy tea it provides. Located outside Ramjas College, Kamla Nagar, this place also has some crispy and yummy snacks to add to your tea experience. So all the tea lovers out there, what are you waiting for? Just go out there and have your cup of tea now!
3.   Dolma Aunty Momos- Lajpat Nagar
Momos are one of the most preferred street foods in India. The spiciness that brings tears in our eyes never stops us from having this food wherever we go. Having some chilli and spicy flavours in your mouth on the first day is going to add on to the first-day experience. And Dolma Aunty’s momos are the best you can have. Situated at Central Market, Lajpat Nagar, this place is loved by one and all. Seasoned Chicken, Gravy Momos, Vegetable spring rolls are some of the popular dishes you can have here. The reasonable price is just a chef’s kiss for all momos lovers out there.
4.   Bille Di Hatti- Kamla Nagar
Do you want to have some quality typical Indian street food like Samosa and sweets like Gulab Jamun on your first day, to feel at home? Look no further than Bille Di Hatti in Kamla Nagar. It is one of the most popular food places in the entire city. It is most popular for its Chole Bhature. This is a favourite place for all students you want to enjoy some great meals while out with their friends. So grab your friends and go visit Bille Di Hatti and have a blast on your first day.
These were some of the most sought out street foods in Delhi now we are going to tell you about some of the most popular cafes in the same region to enjoy your first day:
1.   AMA Cafe- Majnu ka Tilla
One of the most popular ones out there. This cafe is located at Majnu ka Tilla. It is budget friendly but can be considered a little expensive for some. Some of its popular dishes are Pancake Breakfast, Apple Cinnamon Cake, Choco Walnut Brownie etc. It is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful evening with your friends or alone. They are open from 8 am to 10 pm so you can check them out whenever you want.
2.   Hudson Cafe- GTB Nagar
Who doesn’t know about this famous cafe. Located at GTB Nagar, Delhi University, this cafe is popular for its awesome service and good vibes. It serves all varieties of dishes, popular ones being Pesto Bruschetta, Berry Delight, Penne Vodka, Waffle Sundae etc. It is open from 12pm to 12am. It is quite affordable if you have the budget, but it is one of those places you can’t afford to miss out.
3.   Ricos- Hudson Lane
Looking for a good place for some good coffee and American and Italian Shakes? Look no further than Ricos in Hudson Lane. It even has a bookshelf for you to enjoy some books while having your beverage. Virgin Sangria Pitcher, Roller Coaster Shake, Waffle Sunday, Apple Pie Shake are some of the dishes it is known for. It has a warm ambience, and facility for home delivery being kid-friendly as well. What more do you need to know to check out this awesome place?
4.   Cafeteria & Co.
Another great cafe situated in Hudson Lane. It is popular for dishes like Peri Peri Chicken Skewer, Tropical Heaven Sundae, Chicken Cannelloni, Banana Nutella Crepe, Bang Bang Chicken, and Blueberry Ice Cream. It is highly recommendable by many and can prove to be a great place for you to start your college life from. The ambience and environment will give you some peace of mind and refresh your soul.
Do check these wonderful street foods and cafes on your first day. Though checking out all of them at once is impossible, who is stopping you to visit them whenever you want!