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Makeup Avengers

Top Makeup Artists 2021

Getting married is the best and the most happening moment of your life, but without adequate preparation, it can be a nightmare. Every bride deserves to look perfect on her wedding day as it the most crucial day of their lives. The planning for the big day starts early and includes getting your beauty strategy in order — booking your bridal makeup artists. Professional makeup artists add not just glamour but also elegance to the bridal makeover with no compromise with the fashion criteria.

The Instagram Bubble, Revolution Of New Age Influencers

Instagram is no more a social media account that you can use to chat with your friend. It has now turned into a global marketplace, a place to showcase your talent, a place to learn skills, and in general, Instagram is a place where you can ‘influence’ others. Daily, the platform has billions of continuous, active users. This is quite a heavy number of people because the application has been around for only a decade. Read more…

Importance of Moment Marketing

It is only a matter of time when the perception of a customer changes for a ‘Brand’. Hence, the need for Moment Marketing. Speaking of a term, let’s get into the details of ‘Moment Marketing’ and its significance in today’s world. Moment Marketing – What, Why, and How!Let’s tell you a secret why it is very obvious for some campaigns to attract more attention than others. This happens primarily because customers intend to put forward Read more…

Importance of International Education

International Education is a dynamic term that involves the movement of people across a much wider platform or in layman’s terms, studying abroad. Our country has seen a major change in the number of students going abroad to continue their studies. According to IIE, 10.9% of all undergraduates and 16% of all students enrolled in baccalaureate programs, study abroad at some point during their degree program. Now, why is international education so important? What is Read more…

5 Wedding Outfits Donned By Influencers

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