Bringing life to dreams— Bump to baby photography

Published by Mokshita Sachdeva on

It is often widely said that a woman’s life undergoes a rollercoaster after entering into motherhood, everything changes and life begins to centre around her children. In Priyanka Patel’s case, this became exactly what drove her. Priyanka Patel, a name highly recognised in her domain of photography —bump to baby. She’s a mother, an entrepreneur, an artist and a blogger who excavated a path of brilliance and kept honing her skills along the way. In an interview with societal, she mentioned how she managed to make her strings with motherhood her unique selling point and said, “motherhood has changed the way I look at life. It gave me the perfect opportunity to express my creative bent and turn it into my most precious skill.”

Priyanka’s journey of being a bump to baby photographer started three years ago and she has only been unstoppable ever since. It was when she birthed her son and went to travel to The States, that she realised her true calling lies in photography. “It has always been a hobby, but I had never thought I would venture into baby photography.” When she found herself seizing all the initial and precious moments of her son, it struck her to swiftly convert this hobby into a passion-driven career. 
Priyanka’s themes not only paint an exquisite picture in our minds but are also unique every single time. Her creativity and knack for making her photography stand out, speaks for itself in each of her clicks. When we enquired about the ideas behind her creativity, she told us how her vision for each session is to skillfully capture their precious moments and build a story for a lifetime. She firmly believes that there is nothing more valuable than the gift of memories that celebrate YOU and the legacy you are bringing to your family. Priyanka’s confidence in her abilities has given rise to a thriving distinction between her and everyone else in her line. She exclaims how she tells her client to sit back and rely completely on her imagination and let it do all the work for them.

Beyond her professional commitments, Priyanka defines herself as a very calm and content person who takes immense joy in doing something different and unique. Art and creativity remain her favourite subjects, which is where her expertise in bringing life to an artistic vision comes from. A normal day in her life includes spending a lot of quality time with her kids and listening to music under the shades of a setting sun. Most people waste their lives away into easily forgotten banter, repenting, or simply clinging to the past. Priyanka, through her work, wishes to express the value that lies behind living life in the present minute, and freezing the moments as they come.
In conclusion, one message that Priyanka wishes to pass on to all the women out there is that “Do what makes you happy and brings sparkle in your eyes, render love and warmth to the community you serve, and always remember, no hurdles are strong enough to stop you.” Priyanka establishes herself as a true example of the fact that success knows no bars, and creativity backed up with efforts can make you climb heights, no matter what you do!