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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta.

Travelling is the way out of routine life, where you can have some hot cup of coffee with some soothing music to make you feel more relaxed. But what is more exciting than switching your routine life with travelling! Yes, you are thinking it right we are talking about travel bloggers this piece is all about our latest conversation with travel blogger Sonali, @travelholicsona the question was put up as How she resumed travelling after the pandemic hit the ground to the core and how did it affect her genre when she was not able to travel in the past year
Sonali gave us a clear idea about the feeling ‘it was little scary why because you got to be very careful everywhere you go, so in that manner, the joy and freedom of travel were little less but trust me the moment I came out of my house for the first time after lockdown it was the happiest day of my life, the change of air, beauty of nature everything was feeling like surreal’ we could not agree more on this during the lockdown, even going to grocery shopping was considered mini-trip, as coronavirus was quite a solo traveler! But this was not the case with Sonali, her journey is romantic it makes her feel more special as she travels with her partner AWW! She said it is good to have someone around who makes you feel happy, alive and what not which is positive. When we travel with someone who is our own, share the same bond and passion to travel nothing can be more beautiful than to do something you love with someone you love! 
During lockdown we just use to sit at home, wishing we were somewhere exotic, having fun, and doing something cool. Every second was counted for going out and relax some of us dealt with it calmly with the whole stay at the home scenario, but some of us were depressed. The survival was based on the hope that we will get out for music of ocean waves, a touch of sand from the desert and see down from mountains.  

As everyone was up with there to-do list in 2020 which was put on hold due to pandemic, Sonali also had some plans for 2020 like going abroad but in her words, covid19 was the villain as it ruined their plans but on the contrary, they come up with a better plan to explore India more in 2021.  

When we travel we should share all those gorgeous pictures, beautiful memories of the trip with the people to influence them to leave their beds and see nature which wears the colors of the spirit and spread positivity around us as this pandemic has made us realize that get the hold of your life, explore more and make memories worth sharing!