Classic Meme templates that still hit it right everytime

Published by Avantika Mishra on

Memes are a big part of the internet. We all are surrounded by memes. There are people who use social media just to share memes. The Internet uses memes to mock and satirize current events happening around the world. It has become a definition of how people communicate in the digital world.
●  Classic meme characters:
The success kid is an internet meme that started doing rounds on the internet in 2007. This meme, feature a baby clenching fistfuls of sand with determined facial expression has flooded the digital world since then. It has become a classic meme and an all time favorite. Now the image is used for commercial use. This is how memes get viral overnight.
● Meme faces: Remember the time when Alia Bhatt became a trending meme in India after her appearance on the show ‘Koffee with Karan”?
The hilarious incident happened on the show when she was asked, “Who is the president of India?”, to which she replied- “Prithviraj Chauhan” . Because of that one incident, she was trolled for years on the internet and was asked general knowledge questions on award functions and red carpet appearances. After all that she came up with a video in collaboration with ‘AIB’ where she made fun of her general knowledge by using satire and mockery of herself. There are many celebrities who became an internet meme overnight because of their hilarious roles in movies or owing to their dumb reactions.
Talking about celebrities becoming a meme, how can we forget when ‘Daisy Shah’ became a meme template in India because of her funny and illogical dialogue in one of her movies. She was trolled on the internet badly. Classic memes can spring out of anywhere. Often, the memes that are shared are relatable and that is why people tend to resonate with them.

●  Crazy memes on friends: We share popular meme templates because they are relatable and we can not resist sharing them with family and friends. The meme culture is getting stronger and nowadays we just don’t stumble upon them randomly, we are surrounded with them on social media. The most famous memes and trolls that are shared the most are memes on friends. While scrolling through instagram you see them. These classic memes can make anyone’s day better by adding humour and reliability.

●  When 2021 became a trending meme: We all are aware of the Corona virus and how it made 2020 a wasteful year.
When 2020 ended everyone thought that 2021 would be the year when everything gets back to normal, but people started trolling 2021 as it turned out worse than 2020. The most popular meme that hit the internet was about 2021 being a bad year and how 2020 was just a trailer.  

●     Best memes that became trending in 2021: The guy in mask became an internet sensation when Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presence at Joe Biden’s inauguration did more than just showing support. He became an internet meme overnight and people used his picture and photoshopped it to weird places. Meme pages were flooded with his pictures that made a huge impact on people. The mittens he is wearing in this picture grabbed everyone’s attention!

●  Memes that became trending in India 2021: Indians love to make jokes out of anything and everything. There is not just one, but many memes that became popular in India very recently.

●  When we talk about memes we can not forget meme pages: There are many meme pages on Instagram that are followed widely by people, but only a few of them have as many as millions of followers. Few of them are Fuckjerry, Hoodclips, Memzar, Puberty, Sarcasmonly. People also tend to share reels that are short videos
●  There are many Indian meme pages as well that do not leave a chance to troll and use sarcasm. One of them is the official desi meme page which is followed by so many Indians because of it’s relatable content. They can make a meme out of anything.
Memes have become the modus operandi of Gen-Z communication. These were some that’ll certainly remain evergreen!