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The market for Micro-Influencers
In today’s era brand collaboration is a thing for the influencers and also has the market value as income is the main game for the whole of the kind, so here is our another intake related to brand collaborations with Amrit Singh as the question was that, How important are brand collaborations for micro and medium influencers? Question of the hour!
In his perspective, he believes brand collaboration is very important for micro/medium influencers, as it will help the budding influencers to increase the number of followers on the credit of being associated with brands but not only this they have to maintain appealing content for the viewers. In the starting size of the brand is of least concern what matters is number collaborations for the micro-influencers as they are here for creating brand value for them as well but the conditions are attached to the collaborations as what kind of content is served and what impact it will give to the brand and you are working for how many brands. Source of promotion for the content creator are audiences if people are interested in your content so will be the brands.@amritsingh.official had a point in this it’s all about strategies you made to start it all from ground zero in this competitive market.
Why would brands consider micro-influencers for promotion? Micro-influencers are real people, so their Instagram content is real, too. Instagram users with a few thousand followers likely post their content, reply to comments, and behave more authentically than a brand or a celebrity with a social media manager might. If a micro-influencer engages with a promotional post on Instagram, their followers might be more inclined to click to learn more about the brand they’re posting about.
Amrit Singh who belongs from Chandigarh and has various brand collaborations with a variety of brands we asked about his experience when he started “ When I started as an influencer I had no brand to promote, so to start with one I started to create my content increased my growth on social media and in the audience. So, this exercise attracted more audience which created my impression on the brands then the journey started with small brands then big one’s it took time but was worth it.’ 
This micro-influencer strategy works because it drives traffic to a brand’s blog and Instagram profile. Brands try reaching out to micro-influencers and offer to publish their contentand cross-promote it on social media to generate engagement from their followers and readers.
Additionally, brand collaboration is very important for their growth because if they collaborate with different brands, more traffic will approach and the consistency of good content is must, as at present there are so many influencers, but what makes one different is their approach towards the audience and their unique content with several brand collaborations.