Famous Quotes From Webseries That Left A Mark

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1. Never Have I Ever: Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever’ has a really emotional quote which we all may relate to as a family.
 “Have you ever considered that falling apart might actually be the thing that brings your family back together”
 We all may have arguments and fights, but at the end of the day, we all get back together.
2. Asur: Indian web series ‘Asur’ has a famous dialogue which says a lot about people and how they keep changing with time. It beautifully captures the essence of transience
 “Insaan ko kabhi puri tarah se samjha nahi ja sakta kyuki badalte rehna insaan ki fitrat hai, aur badalte sab hai.”
 These lines are very impactful because it’s the reality of humans.
3. Money Heist: The best one-liner about life from the Netflix series ‘Money Heist’ is
 “Things we can’t see affect our lives much more than we think’”
4. 13 Reasons Why: Another popular Netflix show ‘13 Reasons Why’ has an amazing quote that says a lot in just a few lines.
“We all have things we keep hidden, sometimes, keeping secrets is how we survive”
As humans, we all have our own secrets which are hidden beneath and only we know about it. This is a quote we all can relate to.
5. Never Have I Ever: ‘Never Have I Ever’ is an underrated English series on Netflix which deserves much more love and appreciation than it actually got.
“You fight back with your spirit, little one. You stand up for yourself
Another beautiful quote from the series talks about how we fight with circumstances and stand up for ourselves because at the end of the day we only have ourselves.
6. Special OPS: ‘Special OPS’ is a thriller TV show of 2020 that has a dialogue  
“Darr acha hai. Dimaag aur paon, dono sahi jagah rakhta hai”
It basically talks about how fear controls our decisions.
7. The Family Man: It is an underrated series on Amazon prime which revolves around the story of a middle-class man who also serves as a world-class spy. It has dialogues such as
 “Privacy is a myth”
And is loved by the fans for its hard-hitting words.
8. Arya: An Indian crime-thriller Tv show on Disney+Hotstar has an inspirational quote that goes about
“Panje bahar nikaalo, sheerni ki tarah”
It tries to showcase the power women have and how it is often underestimated.
9. Kota Factory: ‘Kota Factory’ is the first black and white web series of Indian television by TVF which is on YouTube. It has a dialogue-
 “Bhai sahab confidence gir jaata hai, phir jitna duniya nahi samjti na utna aadmi khud ko loser samajhne lagat hai.”
This inspirational quote tells us that once we lose our confidence, we start believing that we are losers more than the world thinks we are. We shouldn’t lose our confidence at any point of time and should always try to fight back and face the challenges presented by life.
10. What the folks:  It is a rom-com show by Dice Media available on YouTube.
 The quote “Khud k liye jiyo dusro ki na suno”
It says live for yourself, stop thinking about what people will say.