Fashion Goals for 2022 by Simren Sanghvi

Published by Astha Gupta on

A form of self-expression, fashion has become a language not only for celebrities but almost every other person around us. In the words of Katherine Hamnett, a top British fashion designer, “Clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand.” How we choose to present ourselves in public, says a lot about our character, our way of thinking, and our way of looking at things. Fashion isn’t just limited to clothing but includes a wide variety of other things like footwear, accessories, makeup, etc. With the advent of social media, influencer marketing has become a key aspect of the fashion industry. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and others, help satisfy the consumer’s insatiable appetite for stories and opinions about products they buy. Each of these fashion influencers have their own set of followers who are up-to-date with the recent trends and ideas in the fashion market.
Simren Sanghvi is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves experimenting with clothes. A jolly-natured woman, Sanghvi is quite a popular name among influencers known for their subtle yet chic clothing ideas. With already 122K followers on her Instagram page, Sanghvi’s internet family is growing day by day. Connected to her audience through Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, Simren never fails to spice up your everyday clothes at affordable prices. Her ideas are well received and appreciated by her audience. Juggling between clothes, colours, and accessories, you’ll find Sanghvi almost every other day on your feed. She is quite active on all her social media handles, and once you start following her, you won’t get disappointed easily.
The prediction of mood, behaviour, and buying habits of the consumers is referred to as Fashion Forecasting. This forecasting can also be called a type of fashion research that basically helps in making proper decisions on how to go about designing a new collection. In the retailer’s competitive market, fashion forecasting has become one of the most vital weapons. In a fast-moving and crowded marketplace, identifying what’s hot and what’s not is crucial in staying one step ahead of the competition. Essentially, fashion forecasters predict the collection of silhouettes, colors, textures, fabrics, graphics, prints, footwear, accessories that will be in greater demand from season to season. Based on this research, they arrive at conclusions to see how they may influence future fashion trends.
Here are some of the fashion trends that are being promoted by Simren Sanghvi:
Variations in lightness and saturation of a single color are used in the monochromatic color scheme. This scheme gives a very clean and elegant look. Be it your summer fit or your winter fit, Sanghvi never misses out on monochromatic colours. Her Instagram feed is filled with clothes of monochrome tones for every occasion. She makes sure that your monochrome outfit is spiced up with the perfect accessories.
The unique fusion of Indian and western outfits never goes out of fashion. It not only makes you stand out, but also provides you with the sheer comfort you’ve always wanted. Simren Sanghvi brings to you comfortable Indo-western wear for not only  weddings but also for your everyday office days.
Bohemian Romance
Bohemian has become the new favourite aesthetic among many influencers today. It is a fun mix of colours and patterns that makes your outfits look vibrant and classy. Characterised by layered and long flowing skirts, boho includes ethnic touches like tunics or wood jewelry, embroidery or embellishment with beading, fringed handbags, and jeweled or embellished flat sandals or flat ankle boots. This hot pink comfy outfit by Simren can be worn both casually and at weddings. Don’t forget to enhance your look with silver jewellery!
2 in 1
What can be more feasible than getting two different outfits from a single cloth!? Don’t worry because Simren has got you all covered. Sanghvi styles this pretty purple maxi dress to satisfy both your Indian and Western outfit looks. While the Indian look comprises of matching patterned skirt, the western look is adorned with a waist belt. The outfits have been magnified with appropriate jewelry and accessories and tadaaaaa you are good to go!
Simren’s ideas are up-to-date with the recent trends in the market. Once you start watching and following her ideas, you would not want to go back. The best part about her is that she won’t let you miss out in any area of fashion. Be it Indian or western, her knowledge for colours, patterns and fabrics is what makes Simren stand out. What is really appreciable about Sanghvi is the fact that she does not focus on buying from big brands, instead she provides you with a range of small brands whose clothes can be styled to match those big brand looks.