Fashion Origami: Styling Basics in Not-So-Basic Ways

Published by Sneha Manoharan on

The Fashion Origami
In fashion, it’s all about creating and recreating the next new look. Repeating the outfit that’s once worn can be tricky when it comes to being a fashion influencer, as everybody on the internet is on the lookout for the next big thing. But is it practical to be buying a new outfit for every new post? Let me tell you that there are better ways to jazz your feed without spending a fortune. You won’t even have to compromise on the style quotient.
With influencers trying to balance sustainability and maintaining an aesthetic feed, recycling and upcycling come into the picture. It is the current trend, and influencers like Ritvi Shah have been doing a fabulous job keeping it fashionable without having to hoard a tremendous amount of clothes.
Ritvi has proven time and again that a skirt or a lehenga can make for a great silhouette. She has created several ethnic as well as fusion outfits out of simple pieces like sarees and lehengas. A safe and calculated sense of fashion never goes out of style, but nothing is more challenging than pulling through an adventurous outfit. In her series The Fashion Origami, she tries to style some of the most basic pieces of clothing like shirts, saree, lehenga, dresses, etc., and makes them look “not-so-basic.” By turning such basics into statement pieces, she intends to put her peculiar sense of fashion to stand out while affirming the need to create something out of the box. 
In her reels, she is seen upscaling a lehenga and making an Anarkali out of it. She pulls it off effortlessly while making it look not so subtle. She uses the flexibility of ethnic clothes like sarees and skirts and uses them to create elegant and nuanced fashion pieces. A basic shirt is another signature piece she uses to make flowy and extra-looking outfits. Her looks might not be the simplest ones, but they will surely leave an impression. You won’t even have to worry about repeating the outfit as it’ll be an absolutely unique look. 
Ritvi has established her style as an eccentric mix of colours and patterns and has made it clear that she is not keeping it safe and straightforward but instead aims for a little extra. She has even done her take on making a top out of a scarf, a somewhat controversial choice for fashion influencers, and pulled it off gracefully.
Upcycling is indeed the most sustainable way of revamping one’s wardrobe and doesn’t feel like a huge investment. It is the most creative way to style yourself and create something unique and peculiar. Fashion influencers understand the need to establish a strong sense of fashion while making an impression, and Ritvi has impeccably achieved that through her feed. Her feed can be an excellent place to inspire yourself if “not-so-basic” is what you’re looking for and would like to get experimental. So, if you too understand the importance of sustainable fashion in current times, ditch your pricey mannequin outfit and hop into all these creative, DIY styling ideas.