Fashion relevance of Turban for Sikh boys, how do you style keeping it in mind?

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In the views of Karan Singh – The Urban Sikh.

Turban – Gift of the Guru

The turban of a Sikh is a gift given on Baisakhi Day of 1699 by the Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh. After giving Amrit to the Five Beloved Ones, he gave us bana, the distinctive dress that features the turban. It’s helpful to understand the historical context of his action. During Guru Gobind Singh’s time, the turban, or “dastar,” as it is named in Persian, carried a completely different connotation from that of a hat in Europe. The turban represented respectability and was a symbol of nobility. At that time, a Mughal aristocrat or a Hindu Rajput can be distinguished by his turban. The Hindu Rajputs were the sole Hindus allowed to wear ornate turbans, carry weapons and have their moustache and beard. Also at this time, only the Rajputs could have Singh (“lion”) or Kaur (“princess”) as their second name. 

Perfect Turban styles and colours that contrast with their outfits, add grace to the admirable Sikh personality. Some Sikhs choose to wear specific colours according to the religious significance attached to them, while others match according to their style statements. 
The first and most important thing is choosing the correct colour. Usually one should match the turban colours according to the primary and secondary colour palette. With check and patterned shirts or t-shirts, the turban should be according to the check and pattern. Also, various combinations are according to the contrast of soft and dark colours.
I’m a Sikh style Influencer from 3 years and being a Sikh and Style Influencer is something unique. There has been a stereotype that Sikh people can’t be in the field of fashion and styling but this stereotype is being destroyed every day by many Sikh’s who are reaching new heights in terms of fashion and styling. Our turban which was once considered as a drawback for Fashion and Bollywood Industry has now become the symbol of Royalty for them which it was for Sikh’s. The turban is our identity and when it comes to style, it elevates our style and makes us look different from the crowd.

When it comes to styling a turban and its relevance with fashion I like to keep it classy and elegant but not being too bold with colours and keeping it subtle yet colourful enough. When I style my Outfits I have 3 main points in mind to match it with my turban;
•  Going with the same colour as the outfit like all black, blue, maroon, grey monochromatic.
•    Contrast turban-like wearing a red turban with a blue outfit, blue turban with maroon shirt etc.
• Going with same colour shade or family of colours like wearing a peach turban with a maroon outfit or light blue turban with a navy blue outfit.
• Or we can just stick to primary colours like black, white, grey, brown which matches with every outfit.
So that is how Stylish being a Sikh can be and this is how we do it!