How to Get Motivated Without Staying Away From Social Media

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As much as we all love some mindless light-hearted scrolling to save our minds from exploding, I think everyone in our current generation will agree to the fact that social media on numerous occasions can prove to be an unhealthy and overwhelming space. The times are not far when people will actually surrender to the narrative behind the “meme” that says human beings have the attention span of a goldfish. In such a time it’s nearly impossible to cut yourself off from social media when just too much depends on it, yes, not even in the name of a ‘detox’, then the immediate need of the hour becomes the very rule of thumb — turning a negative into a positive. 

The Societal brings to you the top Instagram accounts you can follow to never run out of focus and motivation. Even when you’re embracing your leisure, these appearances in your feed will remind you of the value of your goals and the vitality of their achievement. 
Shreya Pattar
One of the most prominent names in the content writing industry, Shreya Pattar is an English Student, Content Writer, Content Marketer, Author and Digital Creator. Best known for her premium writing services and her Instagram reels especially curated in a manner that elevates the person’s confidence, will-power, and thrill to get the work done, are what makes her stand out. In one of her reels about staying motivated, Shreya mentions how crucial it is to not sit around waiting for motivation but instead creating it by taking directive action. 
Nidhi Nagori
Nidhi is a successful professional in the field of Finance and a Career Expert guiding young adults by making so many growth opportunities feasible in an easy to digest format on Instagram. She covers topics like providing free resume websites, discovering global internship and job opportunities, higher education prospects, LinkedIn hacks, freelance resources and so much more. Even if your mind is toggled amongst multiple amusement activities, her reels will immediately make you want to get your life together.
Raj Shamani
Raj is a well-recognised name in the branding industry, who started at the age of 16 and has touched the staggering number of 890000 followers on Instagram.In this reel, he talks about how social media is really not the problem and what we make of it is in our hands. There are so many minor but valuable life lessons that we overlook in the race of making it ‘big’ and end up putting our personal development at stake and Raj makes us come to terms with exactly that. 
Shivani Sharma 
An image and etiquette coach, Shivani lays great emphasis on the need of being self-sufficient, reliant and focussed. In simpler terms, she’s helping people in becoming better versions of themselves. From resume advice to salary negotiation tips, correct pronunciations to book recommendations, there are just so many pivotal takeaways one can fetch from her reels while being active on social media, now that’s really not a waste of time now, is it?
Ranveer Allahbadia 
Motivation isn’t only restricted to mental growth but covers the expanse of physical growth and improvement as well. Ranveer’s content is a precise balance between them both! Commonly known as beer biceps, Ranveer’s content focuses on self-improvement and how far it can take us in our life. His take on ’empty scrolling’ actually makes us introspect the things we’d rather devote our time to and compels us to change our ways in the most fundamental ways.

Even though it’s hard trying to keep our outlooks and goals aligned in life at all points, we must recognise the fact that you become what you surround yourself with. Don’t let it be unnecessary gossip and mindless ramblings, change the narrative and get going! Remember, if you follow the people you look up to, you eventually become one of them. So be the version of yourself you’d want to look up to and that’s half the battle won.

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