How to Take Care of the Post-Lockdown Fat Gain


Fitness and fat aren’t really contradictory. But, what matters the most is the sheer balance between them. Well, ever since the pandemic has arrived, a variety of food items has been an integral part of our routine. Being stuck in a nationwide lockdown made us all yearn for flavorsome food, and we even had it all. However, the outcomes were not really startling.  The integral flavorsome food then is now with us in the form of integral post-lockdown fat. At such times when being fit and healthy is all that is required to have a robust life, these upcoming fitness influencers are here for us with a blast. Their tips and tricks and ideas and hints slick us positively. 

So here’s a list of our budding fitness influencers, who inspire us to take care of the post-lockdown fat with utmost simplicity from the basics.
Trainer & Nutrition Coach: dee_gautham
Through the tough times, Dee Gautham has come forward as a rescue from post-lockdown fat. Well, based on this, she is NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Dee is the founder of @bossbodyrevolution.  Her approach towards fitness said that we should at least move our body 20 minutes a day. The way she explained the difference between weight loss and fat loss, gives us some major insights on how to plan out a fitness schedule. Indeed, correct nutrition + adequate protein + strength training is just the direction we are looking for.  Furthermore, her tips and tricks are so aptly beneficial that we just cannot afford to miss them.
Karishma Patel : kp.fitsyle
Karishma Patel started her fitness journey with all the positivity she had. Nothing was able to dampen her spirits and now she is impacting the lives of people across the world. Well, based in Texas, she is a fitness enthusiast and influencer. Gyms are likely to be closed again and we are stuck at home again. With a tinge of fitness and a spoonful of self-love, Karishma gave us an at-home full-body workout plan here. This plan doesn’t require any equipment and it is best for the tough times that are again coming in front of us. This burner can surely burn the post-lockdown fat gain you had. So, fitness freaks! Do not forget to check this anytime and anywhere workout plan. 
Anu Tripathi : tripathianufit
Anu Tripathi is a certified fitness trainer and a healthy lifestyle promoter. She says that no matter how effective your supplements are they still cannot beat the decree of real and healthy food. Through the past year of lockdown, the cravings for flavorsome food were so on point that a healthy diet was just left behind. Now, it’s time to get back to the food that will keep us happy and healthy. This short motivation reel is an eye-opener for us all. So, let’s focus on having a healthy meal and an effective workout strategy that can just burn away the troublesome fat gain.
Vaishali : fitnesswithvish
We all have a favorite place that we love to visit again and again. Well, it’s just the same for fat. It loves to visit our belly from time to time. But, there’s nothing to be worried about as Vaishali has come up with just the workout plan reel that we all need. Also, this home workout plan keeps us safe from the pandemic outside by keeping us at home. Vaishali is a fitness aficionado and a Yogini. From time to time, she keeps giving us major fitness goals. 
Miten Says Fitness (MSF) : mitenkakaiya
Miten is an aerospace engineer who just turned into a fitness coach and is now coaching us towards a healthy and happy life. He is a fervent fitness trainer who also happens to know just the proper way to motivate us all. Well, no doubt we have this fallacy that healthy means are boring. But, with a big, no Miten solicits to defy this age-old misconception. Of course, just the right amount of the requisites can make even a so-called boring meal a rather appetizing one. Miten suggests focusing on using spices than sauces as the calorie intake is higher in the latter. His idea can give our metabolism a boost and our fat gain a stern burn.
Priyanka | Online Fitness Coach: priyankareddyv
Priyanka is a Nutritionist & Bodybuilding Specialist. Time and again, she keeps giving us some major nutritional outputs that are a go-go for a healthy life. Well, just as an unwanted guest comes up with an added headache, similarly the unwanted fat gain comes up with lots of insecurity. At such times, we often wish to get rid of the fat as soon as possible. But, is it healthy to pressurize our soft body to this extent that it just loses more than just the fat? No. Well, Priyanka has aptly differentiated Rapid and steady weight loss approaches. She has put the negative impacts of rapid weight loss that can just push us off the bridge. 
Mohit | FITNESS INFLUENCER: fitpreneurmohit
Mohit is one of our very own upcoming fitness influencers. His tips and tricks are favored by many and if you should go for it. Very often we wish to try everything and in that search, we make minute mistakes that just break the cycle of the fat-loss plan. Mohit has come up with an eye-opener where he talks about how we either overeat or under-eat unknowingly. This lesson is like the one we must learn immediately, as the lack of information about nutrition adequacy is an alarming and growing cause of concern.

If you’ve sidelined your motivation and have let your lethargy get the better of you, let this article be your sign. Get up and get going, even if it seems a little hard, even if it seems a little out of possibility. As they say— it’s never too late to begin.
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