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In the era of Reels, do you spend time on IGTVs?
Please let us know how reels and igtv both have separately helped you in your reach & which one according to you is more effective?

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time in the contemporary world where we have rich content but it has to be shown in less time and match the patience level of viewers.
Recently, we had a chat with Tanish Sharma regarding this time and patience game on Instagram that how he deals in this era of Reels which is shorter but yet it creates a diversion in the viewers of IGTVs as Tanish had a different view on it that yes, he does spend time on IGTVs but the contrary question arises What is preferred? His intake was in the era of short-form content people with less patience prefer to see more content in less time for the viewers who are smitten by Reels as it provides quick entertainment and where good content is served in a very short period and if the value can be added in less time then why not? Tanish did have a view as yes when we are hungry we go for 2 minutes Maggi rather for 30 minutes pizza both have different tastes but impatience conquers.

Tanish, having more than 140k followers on Instagram being a food blogger he said a recipe of 30 seconds is more watchable than of 10 minutes then definitely Reels in this era has upper hand than IGTVs. 
The whole concept is to get target viewers and with reels, in the game more content is made which attracts more audience with the consideration of good short content. So now the question is What is the deal with IGTVs particularly as what we heard from him it was convincing IGTVs make the viewers more related to the influencer personally as in the long videos they get a deep insight of who they are as in personality because the content is needed but what needs to flourish is the content maker.
 To create a one on one relationship with the audience it is important to make them aware of the direct influence. We agree on one fact that with the rising of Tik-Tok and similar rapid video content apps it has reduced the attention span of youngsters to Reels with short videos rather than IGTVs with bigger ones. Another technical issue that IGTVs have most of its content in landscape mode in our portrait mode phones so, another thumps up for the reels which cover our screen with portrait mode videos. 

Content related to any genre needs a face of the creator because presently what is made is important but on the side who made it, is equally bothered about. The video relates to curiosity to see the creator. 
In the end, reach to the viewers carries more value either through IGTVs or Reels at present there are many open minds full of creativity and content.
 Mind with creativity has open wings which can fly in 15 seconds or 10 minutes what matters how far it can fly?