Importance of International Education

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International Education is a dynamic term that involves the movement of people across a much wider platform or in layman’s terms, studying abroad. Our country has seen a major change in the number of students going abroad to continue their studies. According to IIE, 10.9% of all undergraduates and 16% of all students enrolled in baccalaureate programs, study abroad at some point during their degree program. Now, why is international education so important? What is it that we can’t study or learn while living in the same habitat as ours? It was William Fulbright who said that “International Education is our best opportunity to turn ideologies into human aspirations”. Following are some of the most important benefits that we get out of International Education: –

Being independent means taking control of our lives. Leaving the place where we grew up is always an impossible task to deal with. We feel safe and familiar in that very place. Our mind is trained in such a way that we’re always reluctant to the changes that may or may not happen around us. But as we know, we never grow in our comfort zone. We can never fully see our potential as long as everything comes easy to us. Being in a different city or country challenges us intellectually, financially, and most importantly emotionally.

Multilingualism is the ability to speak multiple languages. This is one of the most important and obvious advantages of international education. The majority of people only know how to speak their home language. Learning a new language is an eminent process as it includes the creation and appreciation of cultural awareness. It also adds academic and educational value, enhances creativity, and helps to adjust to a certain society.

3.Increase in the confidence of students
One of the most important aims of any student in life is to gain more confidence and have thriving self-esteem. International Education contributes a lot to achieve that. It leads to inadvertent opportunities, exposure to new and exciting cultures, and a potent influence. After interviewing a few students who pursued studies outside their home countries, here is what came out:

Jessica Sodhi, a student studying in Canada says – “I feel like international education is fairly better because the opportunities come in a handful of variety to choose from. There are so many life skills I’ve learned being here and how to independently handle everything on your own. The education system here is very specific to catering to your needs and helps you conquer any obstacles by allowing you to work during school and get a modern experience.”

Sanya Sapra, an undergraduate student is ready to continue her bachelor’s degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware. She believes – “The reason I chose to study in the States in a liberal arts University is simply that I don’t want to be confined to a particular subject but emerge as an all-rounder. I have the flexibility to choose subjects and declare my major by the end of the sophomore (2nd) year. I believe NEP 2020 is bringing a similar concept to India and it’ll be a game-changer for students willing to study abroad.”

Tejaswin Rana, a student of Les Roches, Shanghai says that – “Being an international student has a lot of perks. I personally find it beneficial because I’m able to grow at a much bigger level. I think staying in my home country would have limited my exposure to certain growth opportunities. It not only helped me improve my multilingual skills but also made me a little more open-minded. Also being around people from all over the world, helped me gain knowledge about different cultures.

4.Vast and diversified knowledge
As important as global competencies are to building a booming educational experience for our students and increasing the cultural understanding of our people, they also are critical tools for individuals navigating a global job market. Every place has different cultures which play a huge role in expanding our knowledge and our mind-set.

There is nothing wrong with continuing studies from our home country. Every country has its resources, growth opportunities, and commendable services. But one thing that only International Education can provide us is taking control of our lives and becomes the very best of ourselves.