Importance of Moment Marketing

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It is only a matter of time when the perception of a customer changes for a ‘Brand’. Hence, the need for Moment Marketing. Speaking of a term, let’s get into the details of ‘Moment Marketing’ and its significance in today’s world.

Moment Marketing – What, Why, and How!
Let’s tell you a secret why it is very obvious for some campaigns to attract more attention than others. This happens primarily because customers intend to put forward their listening ears and interacting hands. Furthermore, to add more to this, the marketers are not the actual brains behind this. All they do is understand the hidden situations and behavior in a better manner.
This is a world where it is vital to have an overwhelming information density and this comes by the way an audience stands out and communicates the right thing. Here is where we introduce to you the moment marketing.

Moment Marketing – What is it?
Moment Marketing also popularly known as Marketing at the right time is a way/process of extending the message in the right manner to the correct audience. However, Moment Marketing knows no limit, and the reason we call it the right time marketing is indeed important. The whole point is to be there when the actual end customer wants it.
All that it aims to do is create resistance between the brand and the customer.
Example to make ‘Moment Marketing’ Crystal Clear!
Say you have a dinner to attend to with your family which also includes your 10-year old son over to a friend to watch a Marvel Movie on Netflix. Your son also played some Marvel game on your phone some time back. Now, the way moment marketing works would be by displaying an advertisement that would take you on a trip offering a 50% discount to Marvel Universe.
There is a high chance for you, as a parent, to consider the choice given the addiction your son has for Marvel base. Isn’t that so?
It is a real task to find the right moment and it becomes one big task to handle it.

The R-I-G-H-T Time and The R-I-G-H-T Thing
Now, we know what is Moment Marketing and the ways we can achieve it. We must find the right time and the correct message is put on display so it reaches the target audience.
Something that is even more significant is your willingness to be there when the customer wants to listen.
Well, the next question that pops up is the different ways for marketers to strategize the intent of the customer. Here you go with the pointers!

  • Ideate the journey of the customer. Are the needs that you are offering in any way relative to what they want? Pull out the micro-moments that come out of those needs.
  • Use analytics, smartphones, ads, networks, sales, and web apps to monitor and create a system that helps users to get to an outcome.
  • Get inline with the ideas and strategies and look for different ways to uplift the momentum and channelize it in the right direction. For you, the aspects to consider should be branding and personalization.
  • Figure out the right and the important players that you are needed to achieve the common goal. Do the needful and plan the methodologies together with the ones you wish to achieve.

Moment Marketing is not a new strategy; however, many campaigns fail to implement it correctly. Recent and current events must be looked onto.
The entire perception that an audience has depends on the quality and timing and that is how most consumers are influenced.
Therefore, Moment Marketing has an important role to play in the big hunt of getting the right perspective!


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