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Sustainable fashion is all about meeting today’s fashion needs while ensuring that those needs are met in such a way that future fashion demands aren’t compromised. The unsustainable practices done by the fashion industry need to be addressed as it’s slowly becoming a threat to the future existence of fashion. On the other hand, Haute Couture, also known as high fashion was originated in France in the 19th century ans it is known for its extravagance and luxury fabrics, basically, the expensive clothes which are affordable and accessible only to the rich groups of society like top models and designers. Haute Couture is focused on tailoring unique garments which are handcrafted and customized according to specific customers, with a focus on detail without giving up the high quality of materials used to make the cloth so the quality of the product doesn’t diminish.

The advantage of high fashion is to the groups which can afford it as they get something very distinctive. This, however creates a division in the economic groups. High fashion leads to wastage of resources and animal exploitation as rich people like to use products made from the skin of animals which apparently makes them eminent. Whereas Sustainable fashion is required to diminish the pollution caused by the fashion industry but according to some people sustainable fashion is not very trendy. Nonetheless, they come up with fantastic designs, patterns and beautiful colors nowadays and they have better quality coming up. Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour.
Shikha Rastogi is a rising creator and is popularly known by her Instagram handle @thatsheengirl, with more than 56k followers on Instagram. she has become a great inspiration for molding young minds towards a more sustainable fashion. She is a fashion enthusiast who loves to do make-up and posts fun content like Do-it-yourself make-up videos and our all-time favorite- hauls. She has been on Instagram Newsletter since her early 20s and has been among the Top IGTV Creators. She has collaborated with leading brand names like Mama Earth, WOW, etc. But the main focus of this article is that the girl promotes cheap hauls and affordable clothes which everyone can have access to, she also shows how a piece of clothing can be styled and accessorized and worn in different ways on different occasions. 
One of her reels called “Affordable finds” has crossed over 2,20,000 views on Instagram, and growing. In this reel she showcases some really eloquent and pretty dresses that she managed to acquire from Ajio at very affordable prices. The catch is that being trendy is not out of budgets anymore, and Shikha is covering that spectrum just well enough. She follows a sustainable approach to fashion and it is evident in her Instagram reels. She uses the hashtag #30days30fits where she styles the same clothing items and wears them in different ways. 
If more and more people start following her approach there will be lesser people who will buy high priced, highly fashionable clothes or Haute Couture. People need to change their mindset and not focus on luxurious products. Instead, they should buy clothes that can be upcycled which in turn will reduce pollution in the fashion industry.In conclusion, during this alarming time of Haute Couture, the goal is to achieve a sustainable fashion as Sustainable Fashion is the Future. Let’s honor our planet earth by opting for apparel that is more sustainable.