Influencer Couples Giving Us Some Major Goals!


The notion of influencers being in the news isn’t really a big thing in this age of social media. But, the influencer couples are indeed worth our time. With a tinge of love and a pinch of creativity, they win our hearts every time with their content. Not to forget that the brands indeed wish to feature them for more popularity. The goals they give us make our hearts flutter and give our stomach butterflies. 
Now, without wasting much, let’s hop on to see some of our favorite Influencer Couples and the major goals they give us, of course.
Starting from their participation in “Love School” to always being in the headlines, Daisy & Ankit indeed give us some primary couple goals. They are not just a famous MTV couple but also one of the favorite fashion blogs, “the.vogue.vanity,” is run by them. Moreover, their Instagram is impressive to get jealous of. They collaborate, create, work out, travel, and most importantly, they love with all their might. Through their best hand at fashion, they have already won the hearts of so many young couples.  Daizy and Ankit’s Instagram is just worth following for more love and goals.
Well, there are couples who just, on the face of it, blow us off with their awesomeness. Gaurav and Ritu are just no different. This power couple of pilots and content creators is marvelous. With their YouTube Channel FlyingBeast, Gaurav and Ritu win millions of hearts with all the content they upload. Being from the same working field, their understanding is just apt. The problems coming in one’s way can be well understood by the other. What’s more like the icing on the cake is their positive lifestyle and the content that binds them with the audience. Not to forget that the content is as good as their relationship is!
In the times of social media, finding love on Instagram isn’t rare. But, what makes it unique is the loyalty and honesty that the couple possesses towards each other. Mrunal and Anirudh are just the Instagram couple we love and who love each other, of course. Mrunal saw Anirudh on Instagram, and she was already in love. In no time, she slid into his DMs, and the best part, he replied instantly. They never met before, but they already met each other’s souls. Through the difficulties and differences, they coped up so well that now they give us all the jealousy we can hope to have. A Tiktok Duet made them fall for each so well in love. And after three months of virtual dating, they so met that now they never left.
Isn’t it amazing when two best friends tie knots for life? Well, that’s Nikkhil and Shanice. Our favorite couple of content creators surely deserves a place on this list. We still cannot get our eyes off their wedding. The way they got hitched left us awestruck. Shanice is a lifestyle and fashion blogger, and Nikkhil is one of the most popular YouTubers. Their destination wedding day did flood the internet with their videos. 
Siddharth Batra and Komal Pandey are a power couple that never fails to make our hearts flutýter. Their content is so fascinating that we cannot just stop scrolling it over. They are just like a daily dose of love. The best part of any relationship can be the vibe they have in between. This power couple has this vibe in all of their collab videos—the way they twin in pictures, how their content flourishes, is just next level lavish. Through festivals, birthdays, and admiration that they put up for each other, they give us some serious couple goals. This adorable couple surely deserves the love they receive.
It is indeed remarkable to see our favorite influencer couples create content. Their love for each other shows us how special it is to be in love with someone. Vishnu and Diksha are just the couples we love. They took it to Instagram to disclose the love they share in January 2021. Isn’t it amazing to see the one you love, cherish you openly? Well, that’s what Vishnu Kaushal’s Instagram post was all about.  North Star shows us direction in the dark. Diksha is that North Star to Vishnu. Such a lovely compliment from Vishnu indeed makes us smile continuously.
Love is one of the most special feelings in the world. Nagma and Awez are no different in that case.  They share lovely videos together that make us laugh and love at the same time. Well, they surely know how to get straight into the hearts of the audience. Their friendship is so pure that the love they share flourishes even more. And of course, even Awez sai that the couple who work together stay together.
Last but obviously not least, Gunveet and Kritika give us some delightful goals to look up for. When they smile at each other, even our hearts skip a beat. The best part of their relationship is that they are really proud of each other. I guess the relationships become more special due to the respect they hold for each other. We all wish to see more about them in the future. Till then, just hoping for the best for them.