Influencers Dodging Unsolicited DMs With The New Reels Trend— Turning Them Into Inspirational Quotes

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Social media has the potential of being a safe space for some, where they are free to create their content and reach out to thousands and millions of people with their individual voices. But with that, there also comes a lot of criticism, and in several scenarios, these criticisms aren’t as fruitful as one might want them to be. There are times when they turn into hate comments, harassment, and straight-up count as cyberbullying. 

Most content creators are used to such reactions and almost expect a few of them to be hurtful and disrespectful. Creators these days have started taking a stance and started calling out such accounts in their own creative way. One such way they’ve tried to do it is by using the ‘Inspirational Quote’ trend. 

Dr Trinetra Haldar, an LGBTQAI+ activist and influencer, used the trend to showcase how some of her DMs are straight-up transphobic and abusive. For a person who has been sharing immensely about her transformation and becoming a doctor, the kind of hate she is subjected to just for owning up to her identity is scary. 

Shantanu Dhope tackles sexist comments and messages because of his choice to wear makeup and his attempt at breaking gender stereotypes. This treatment is not just restricted to women as male influencers suffer from the same. Comments about his sexuality and assumptions about him are some of the most common things he encounters on his posts.  
Madhuri Desai has talked about how some comments and DMs can only be termed as harassment that women receive on the internet from creeps. This brings about the ugly truth of how women’s safety is also compromised on the internet. Such harassment can be very triggering for many and lead to one feeling quite unsafe.
Sanika Ranade also uses the trend to show how her DMs are filled with creepy texts that are violating and could severely wreak a person’s mental health. The aim of sending such DMs to just disturb a person is quite problematic as most of the accounts that these messages come from are fake accounts.

Scarlett Rose, the winner of MTV Splitsvilla, has been tackling criticism about her body type and skin colour for a long time now and has been pretty vocal about it. Through the trend, she highlights how much hate is directed at her for the way she looks and how people don’t consider her to be the stereotypical model type. 
Influencers are often appreciated for the strong front they put up in reaction to such hate, but the whole conversation about a person’s stable mental state is often overlooked. Being a social figure comes with their lives being scrutinized by many, and a lot of times, it garners unsolicited advice and opinions from strangers. Spreading hate from behind a screen and knowing that there will be no repercussions to one’s actions is the driving force behind such activity. With influencers calling out such people and accounts for their problematic behavior, there has come a shift with people being a little more conscious of their actions. Social media is far from being a completely safe space, but it might just be getting better with such creative trends. 

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