Is It The Downfall Of Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency by an unknown person back in 2009. Transactions are without any mediator i.e. The Banks! Bitcoin is used for online transactions, bookings, buying and other purposes. It is used in the black market as well but follows the idea of white-paper. People get attracted to bitcoin surely for as it surely gives an assurance of lower transactions fees than rather regular online payment operations. 
Bitcoin can be used anonymously for transactions, which makes it attractive to criminals and terror organisations.
These companies and people use to buy or sell illegitimate goods, like drugs and weapons. According to studies one-half of bitcoin transactions associated with illicit activity. People use it for the concealing of dirty money, scamming, defrauding investors and many others. 
A couple of years back cryptocurrencies collapsed 80% from their peak. Bitcoin is back in free fall and it is moving down fast.  Bitcoin falls come latest from U.S. Reserve, working around with other countries including the U.K., Canada and Switzerland. The Bitcoin price surged higher before and alerted that the interest rates could catch a high fall. 
However, the Covid-19 brought a huge fall in the financial markets all around the globe including cryptocurrencies. Due to this pervasive, there was a huge fall over the buying and selling products even in the black market. Since the breakout, the Bitcoin market saw a sharp decrease over the period. The reason standing flight to runtiness and a lot of investors had investments over edge calls covered by liquidating assets like bitcoin to cash. 
And As off by the black-market buying and selling there has been a status of the prices of the bitcoin be up and down because the people taking out a lot hold in crime rates trying to avoid online transactions and making them non-virtual. But people surely are cutting out the taxes to clear their log In front of the government and making their money and buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 
Also looking at the drug side on some places the drug rate has gone below average and some places it has crossed. As it again includes buying and selling of drugs has been a turnover people sure do it with bitcoin, or online. But with the overall report, the buying and selling it online is low which has led to a downfall in the game. 
Crypto investors got startled by the bad news by the chip makers, which gave a detailed report on sharp sale decline for cryptocurrency. This could explain fairly about the crypto asset rates. 
It is possible, that it was a fusion of all the possible and other anonymous reasons that is crashing the crypto markets. The whole thing was a bust. 
There is a lot of uncertainty in how the things will pan out. There might be predictions over a gradual rise in the prices again but there won’t be much of a difference as the global economic market itself is a disaster. But at the point, there are no pure comments on will it rise or not. There can never be a sure report that is it the downfall or not because it is on the bar getting up and down each movement.