Life As A Blogger On Instagram

Published by Nida Sabiha on

A never-ending fight between numbers and authenticity, hoping life doesn’t become all about validation.As the world moves forward, too many jobs have gone out of existence and too many have also come into existence. People have started connecting through the internet and in no time enough social media became the outlet for a lot of people’s creativity. Being a blogger is not a real job they say, but what is a real job anyway?

Meet Monalisha Mahapatra, who commenced her journey of content creation 5-6 years ago but has been a part of social media since 2013. When she found her calling in this, she quit her job and committed all her time to what she was passionate about. What started as a hobby then gained momentum and moved onto a team of people authorizing on content, analyzing the numbers and making sure they maintain quality. But this pandemic has affected bloggers as much as anyone else who has a different job. Monalisha tells us how she was settled in Delhi working closely with her team but now during the pandemic, she had to move to MP with her family and had to do all the work on her own.

Like in every conventional job out there, life eventually becomes all about numbers. It swerves into a consistent contest between themselves and their competitors. There are times when the bloggers have to post something just for themselves so that they don’t lose the authenticity in the process of pleasing people online. Monalisha works her way through the numbers and statistics while still posting certain content that makes her cheerful even if it doesn’t do well. She has overcome the setback of not being validated by numbers on content that brings her happiness. Talking about social media burnout, she tells us how she takes certain breaks for herself after attaining goals. But she can’t give up on this. It’s her job, it’s what she does and she likes doing this. As a blogger, she has to organize her time. Monalisha gives us an insight into her routine where she and her team sometimes film 5 to 7 looks a day, maybe dedicate an entire day to reels and another day to edit everything. 
Being a content creator is all about discovering new things every day to keep the audience they have engaged and to expand it. It’s a job where they learn and then they earn. They learn new things about themselves and what they are doing. Monalisha has been doing photography since 2013 but has ventured into the world of videos since March 2020. She keeps learning new things and even teaches others through YouTube. Due to the pandemic, Monalisha had to become a ‘one-woman army’ where she produces, films and edits everything she does. In a world where content creators live for pats on the back, there are times and sometimes it’s more than usual when they have to deal with trolls. It can be heartbreaking but content creators try to keep going despite anything and everything that’s thrown in their way. Content creators also look for constructive criticism that might help them improve what they put out. Monalisha goes through her comments and DMs the first thing she wakes up and even though that might sound grim, it’s a part of her job. Every content creator is now spreading their wings to different platforms. Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook – it’s a whole ocean of opportunities for content creators to dive in. Monalisha says she’s excited about her new stuff on Pinterest. 

Posting every day is exhausting, it’s a task. There are days when everything is too overwhelming to take but content creators try to step above everything and deliver better than they did before. It’s a competition with themselves every day. Coming up with new ideas each day can be hard but then that’s what expands their creativity. Monalisha says she chose this lifestyle for herself and she couldn’t be happier about it. That’s what it is like for so many creators out there. Even if there are days with their own set of lows, they enjoy what they are doing and they wouldn’t give it up for anything in this world.