Mistakes Every Social Media Influencer Commits While Starting Out

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Social media have unfolded a plethora of career alternatives, and being an influencer is a prominent one! With the multiple Covid lockdowns, we have seen a troupe of social influencers-  those who use social media to capture the limelight on social platforms and to use their talent and people skills in order to influence other users. Instagram is a prominent platform for these influencers which has gifted us with some of the best content creators  and top female Instagram influencers like Komal Pandey, Kritika Khurana, and many more. In times like these, Instagram influencers’ earnings can rise from a hundred bucks to all the way to making millions. If you are reading this, you might be thinking of becoming a  micro-influencer, trying to make a few extra bucks and charm your audience as an Indian fashion influencer or an Indian lifestyle influencer. However, if you want to stand out, you should look out for mistakes that can hinder your growth in the field. Mentioned below are a few common mistakes that influencers commit, which might keep you from realising your dreams!
1.An indecipherable brand name
An influencer’s aim is to interact with audiences in words that they can understand, and thus using a complex unreadable name can narrow down your audience. An easy-to-pronounce brand name can get people talking about your brand, and recommending it to others. Also, unlike a simple brand name, which can come up in the search bar recommendations after typing a few letters, an unreadable brand name can lower your reach.

2.Irregular posting
Audiences do not wait for an influencer’s post all day long, and thus posting irregularly can be a major bummer, which may lead to fluctuations in the interactions on your posts.. Similarly, an influencer cannot let her/his audience forget or lose interest about him/her, which can happen when the influencer does not post regularly.

3.Keeping your stories dry
The stories section is one of the most interactive features of social media, and keeping this feature empty is like bidding a goodbye to reach! You will never find the best content creators keeping the story section empty! Keeping the audience updated with the timely happenings of your work/ life on your stories can give you a strong hold on your followers count and keep you in a constant engagement with them.

4.Making less interactive posts
Audiences focus on posts they can relate to, or the ones they can interact with. Thus, a good influencer always stays informed about the latest trends and empathising tactics, and frames their posts accordingly. Posts that widen the gap between the influencer and their audiences can be a major reason for low reach.

5. Faulty use or omission of hashtags
Hashtags are the keys that can maximise the reach of your posts! However, using uncommon and unpopular hashtags will not do much, as not many people are checking them out. Also, not using hashtags can cut the possible engagement on your posts to half!

6.Not responding to comments promptly
An influencer must treat the follower as friends, rather than as fans. Not responding to comments, can make them think of you as haughty or arrogant, and can make them unfollow you immediately. Also, by not responding to the comments, you keep your followers in doubt about the matter or a product you want to influence them about.

7.Wanting to gain followers overnight
Just like any other profession, social media influencing needs patience. Using follower boosters will provide you with spam followers, or the ones who aren’t interested in your service and will unfollow you soon. Thus, focusing on your content will gradually fill your account with genuine followers.

8.Focusing on numbers and not on quality
As important as it is to focus on regular postings, one shouldn’t haste with creating the posts. By doing this, one compromises with the quality of the content being created. It is better to add something unique to your page than the million other pages!

All these  points in mind and you are good to go! Decorate your world of influencing with your creative ideas and unique mindset, and share the spotlight with the best content creators and top Instagram influencer.

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