Shades of Pink That Are a Must-Have for Your Wardrobe!


A colour that has won hearts and hatred, yes that’s pink. But, we surely can’t deny that it makes us look serene and vibrant at the same time. People may call this colour girly, but it gives a show that makes us look undoubtedly perfect. It never goes out of fashion. Be it summer, winter, rainy, or even spring, Pink will still outshine. We just need the right accessories to go with every shade we drape. Mrunal Panchal, a makeup artist, influencer and blogger acquaints us with such vibrant and feel-good shades of this lovely hue— pink. Even though we cannot own everything, we surely aren’t going to get over these classy attires Mrunal pulled off. This summer, let’s mix and match and style and patch through the shades of PINK.
Baby Pink
Regardless of the name, the colour has nothing to do with babies. But also, just as the name suggests, ‘baby,’ which stands for something soft. That’s what Baby Pink is. It is a rather pale or very light shade of Pink, something that soothes your eyes and never goes out of fashion. A basic tee, jumper or even jeans of this jolly colour will soothe your soul. There’s often a saying that the colour you wear decides your mood. Well, yes! There you are, ‘the baby pink’ will give you a lighter yet joyfully happy perspective. 
Hot Pink
If you are looking for something more bright and vibrant in your wardrobe, you will surely not wish to miss Hot Pink. A colour that is rather bold and provocative. Hot Pink shows everything from sheer aggression to sensitiveness to romantic temper to energetic strength at the same time. This colour can be best for someone full of life and love. Basically, this shade gives a mixed feeling, which will fail to be unnoticed by our eyes. Well, Hot Pink can go with everything from lighter shades to darker shades of every colour. 
Coral Pink
Coral Pink is a colour of warmth and freshness.  Being as calm and serene as the sea, it adorns your body charmingly, just like the corals beautify the sea from its depth. If you are fashion fervent, you should have this shade in your wardrobe. Coral goes well with the inflexion of blue or yellow or even white or anything from a broad palette. Also, a pink coral jacket is a go-to and lovably must-have.
Lilac Pink
With a tinge of purple and a pinch of pinky tint, we get this flowery lilac pink. Lilac is a rather graceful colour. It gives us a vibe of a garden of flowers, a colour which is worth space in our wardrobe.  People call it the colour of youth, and they are obviously not wrong. Being a paler shade, it gives a nostalgic vibe and quietude that smartens your look. Lilac also fits well in instances when you want to express femininity or tranquillity. Rest, it goes well with the contrasting colours and rightful accessories as well.
Millennial Pink
Finally, the colour which is much in trend and will never go out of fashion is our very own Millennial Pink. It is a rather subtle and feminine shade, but at the same time pleasing and flattering. Ever since Millennial Pink had stepped into the world of fashion, it has just been more and more popular. The best part of this shade is that it goes well with every skin tone. Be it an athletic get-up or a corporate one; millennial pink is just the apt shade you need. From one piece to comfy trousers, be it anything; just make sure to have it right away in your wardrobe.
Champagne Pink
Named after a beverage, Champagne Pink is a lighter shade of blended Orange and yellow. It also intimately reminds us of beige. We all know that yellow and orange are the colours of brightness and warmth. Its blend surely cannot leave its heredity. The colour has indeed taken after the beverage it has come from. It just sparkles aptly. Champagne is drunk in moments of happiness. This colour similarly creates an aura of joy. Rest assured, Champagne Pink goes well with most of the colours.
Cherry Blossom Pink
A colour that takes its name from the Cherry Blossoms of lovely springs can just not be ignored. As springtime flowers stand for freshness and delight, this shade of pink undoubtedly does justice to its name. It glows itself. Moreover, this colour will never run out of fashion, and you can just pull it off in any type of outfit you desire to add to your collection.
Salmon Pink
A colour of hope and happiness, yes! That is Salmon Pink for us. It goes pretty well with almost all skin tones. The best part of Salmon Pink is the aura it creates and the positivity it spreads. Perhaps, this colour revolves around our sentiments and binds us with our near and dear ones. Rest assured, salmon pink also looks just adorable with all you have. Make sure to give it a go and space in your wardrobe.

Didn’t think it was possible to add so much variation and uniqueness with just one colour? We didn’t either. Mrunal Panchal, apart from being a brilliant makeup artist with a follower base of more than 2 million on Instagram, is a very versatile style icon and fashion enthusiast making us all go gaga over her profile. We can’t wait to storm our closets with all shades of pink and recreate these looks!
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