Multifaceted roles of Women

Published by Sneha Manoharan on

In India, it is of the belief that once a woman becomes a wife and a mother, her life should mostly revolve around meeting the needs of her family. But today, women have broken these age-old norms of giving up their ambitions for a domestic and socially approved life. Women have ventured forward and started taking charge of their life without having to compromise on anything. In fact, they have proved to the world repeatedly that they can definitely have the best of both worlds. It’s about time that people start to recognize that women definitely can and want to do a lot more than just one thing with their lives, especially when it comes to their career. Sticking to one thing can sometimes be restricting, and as much as it is a challenge to multi-task on a day-to-day basis, if it brings one joy and a sense of satisfaction, I’d say YOU GO, GIRL!
Divya Harjai is one such inspiration for all the women out there. We may know her because of her picture-perfect love story of how she married her friend and crush, Arjuna Harjai, from 12 years ago, but she is definitely a lot more than that. Meet Divya Harjai, an influencer, model, teacher and a mother. Her content is centred around how she manages her life while also making videos with her husband and son. If there is something that can bring a smile to your face, it is certainly their family vlogs. She also has an adorable Instagram presence where she promotes brands while also making delightful reels with her son. It is often seen that once people start having a social media presence, they abandon their former profession. She has extensively talked about her love for teaching, and she has found a way to incorporate that into her life as an influencer and a mother. Divya has come up with a way to keep pursuing her passion for teaching through her Instagram and Youtube account, Insta English Girl, where she teaches her audience English, and this time she does not want to limit herself to just a classroom.       
Be it her stories about how she met Arjuna Harjai in school and got married to him 12 years later or her life as a mother, or even how she has been venturing into social media to leave a mark for herself, she has proved it time and again that one does not always have to choose between the things that they love to do.           
It is important to understand and acknowledge that people often wish to make the most out of their lives and doing the same things day after day can get tedious. Having such feelings is completely normal and everybody should definitely make the most out of their abilities and live up to their fullest potential. Venturing out to do something new can seem like a challenge but we should also work towards making our society a safe space for people who wish to do so. Building a better support system and not imposing the need for monotony will inevitably go a long way.