Musically, Tiktok and Instagram Reels: A Parallel.

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We have seen the rise of influencers in recent years. Along with it, we have seen a number of short video-making platforms trending for a certain time. and going out of use, followed by another platform. The cycle has been constant. The most prominent among such platforms were and TikTok, and now reels dominate the arena. The profession of influencing includes building one’s fame and career around a particular speciality, field, or talent, and the short video platforms further an influencer’s scope of achieving fame. 
Initially, in India, videos came to our notice, which was mostly used to make dubs on songs or dialogues. Later, a whole new set of variations came when ByteDance Ltd. bought the old in 2017 and merged it into Tiktok in 2018 which meant, that previously called was now Tiktok.  It had better and more advanced features. Tiktok opened a distinct pathway for influencers to earn, by making relevant video content and influencer marketing. At that time, phones were flooded with TikTok downloads and shares, and the sight of people making TikTok videos in public places was common. Many influencers had abandoned their 9 to 5 jobs to become all-time TikTokers. In the battle of vs Tiktok, Tiktok won both in terms of features and popularity. Some notable Tiktokers were Jannat Zubair, Riyaz Aly and Faisal Shaikh.
But, things took a drastic turn when Section 69(A) of the Information Technology Act,2000, lead to the ban on all Chinese apps, which included a ban on Tiktok India. It was shocking for influencers who had built their career around TikToks and also to common people, to whom Tiktok was a source of entertainment and relaxation.
However, the influencers returned to their tracks with the introduction of the reels section on Instagram. In case one is wondering how to open reels in Instagram or how to use reels on Instagram, he/she has to look for the icon in the middle of the Instagram taskbar just beside the search icon, the part which was previously used to post on Instagram. If you want to learn how to make Instagram reels, here’s how:
And to learn how to make reels on Instagram from the gallery, check the video below:
Though Instagram reels and TikTok have similarities based on the fact that both are short video-making and sharing platforms, there are prominent differences between the two, which cannot be ignored:
a. Unlike Instagram reels songs, Tiktok’s audios are not limited and have a greater variety than reels. Most Instagram reels songs or audios are borrowed from Tiktok, which means, reels makers are indirectly dependent on Tiktok audios to make Instagram reels. Thus, TikTok heightens the probability of a person discovering new songs.
b. Instagram reels duration ranges from 15-30 seconds, whereas Tiktok allows the user to choose the duration of the video up to 3 minutes.
c.  Due to Instagram’s varying algorithm, the engagement on Tiktok is in a much larger quantity than that of reels. Virals on reels get an average of 1.2M views while TikTok virals get an average of 2M views.
d. In reels, one has to set the filter at the beginning of the video, whereas Tiktok allows you to change the filters throughout the video, for example, varying filters in different parts of a transition video.
e. Captions are a great way to attract attention. Reels allows you to caption your video content with as much as 2200 characters, whereas Tiktok allows only up to 100 characters. 
Thus, if there is a battle of TikTok vs Instagram reels 2021, Tiktok is ahead in the competition because of its creative variety and huge engagement. However, the Tiktok India ban leaves us with reels as the only standard option. Moreover, the influencers on Instagram like Krutika, Bhuvan Bam and Aashna Hegde, have immensely contributed to Instagram reels success and have made the reels section more interesting for us. With the recent introduction of the duet feature, we can only hope that Instagram reels will borrow and produce a lot of intriguing features, in the near future.