Open letter To Late Ms. Kamla Bhasin.

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I’m aware of the fact that you’re no more here.  My heart expects this letter to act as a tribute to your spectacular works and the incredible journey of yours. You have ignited the fire of feminism in the hearts of women and have stood strong for your views. Your poetry and speeches were impactful enough to move crowds.
You were a ray of  sunshine amongst the chaos and brightened the lives of those known to you. You dared to seek answers to the questions that surround all of us. If one looks at your works of your lifetime, one is bound to get awestruck by your incredible work with ‘Sangat,’ as an advisor, and with Jagori Women’s resource and training center. Apart from those, you spent your life working on social issues which are related to education, gender, media, and several others for almost 35 years.
In your poems, I’ve found my power so many times. In what you’ve written, lies eternal spirit of life. Your contribution to this worldly place has been priceless. Although it has been only a short period since you have left us, you’re being missed tremendously.  With you gone, the world is now home to one less legend.
You have left us for a beautiful place but have left for us a trail of footprints to follow, so that we make a meaning out of your legacy.