Paradigms of Growing up in a Brown Household.

Published by Mokshita Sachdeva on

Every Indian child raised with their parents and extended family has heard and seen so many convenient hacks for the sustenance of routine lives, almost each one of them beginning with “back in our time we used to..” followed by a ceaseless stream of struggles. Whether it was squeezing the toothpaste with a rolling pin to get that last ounce of paste out of it, or mixing water into liquid soaps so they could last longer, we’ve had our own share of these. However, this doesn’t just end here. As the hashtag “desi” trends on Instagram, we can’t help but reminisce all the regulations imposed on us 90s kids by default — getting home before the clock strikes eight, folding and stacking clothes after they’re fetched from the terrace, only getting access to television for an hour or two every day, and the obvious distant dream, night outs! 
As time changes and moments flee, the whole bugbear associated with the implications of a conventional brown household has settled down. Finally, the leniency is getting the better of people, from the privileged strata at least.  But this hasn’t stopped the outpouring of memes and vines that blend the “typical” brown households into a satire. So many of our favourite influencers on Instagram have centred their content around the activities of desi parents. One such name is the iconic, creative and very versatile human- Vishnu Kaushal
At this point, it is safe to say that he’s taken upon himself the very task of making sure our hunger for loud rounds of laughter is met. In one of his posts on Instagram he wrote, “Good morning and have a good day. But even if you don’t, that’s okay. I’ll be here trying to make you laugh” and that’s when we all virtually bowed down in unison. Vishnu Kaushal, a content creator, influencer, and occasional fashion blogger who posts hilarious anecdotes that centre around desi dads unable to find remote, desi moms scolding the kids for doing “buss it” challenge and all other nuances of a typical Punjabi family fuels our daily dose of humour so flawlessly. One of his reels series “How Bollywood thinks Punjabis talk” has bagged around 4 million views on Instagram. Another reel by him “Diwali in Desi Middle-Class Families” has thrown us over by the stark reality it portrays. 
What makes Vishnu stand out is his knack to pick content from routine banters that surround him, and further infusing a great sense of wit and humour in it. Creating content for social media isn’t an easy task since everyone else is in their own pursuit of doing the same. In such a case, battling with redundancy, plagiarism-free content, and maintaining creativity right from the ideation to the final performance becomes a crucial determinant of public liking. Not just that, everyone has a different set of demands for the scope of topics they want to see and keeping up with the tone, humour, aesthetics, relatable-factor, and the iconic brown family conventions is something Vishnu excels in, and something we wouldn’t mind seeing over and over.